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13/01/2010 22:38


Rolf Baertschi on Aston Villa 2009

Swiss supporter Rolf remembers Kiko Macheda's dramatic debut goal...

My most memorable game was in April 2009, against Aston Villa. It was only my second trip to Old Trafford.

I travelled with friends and took my son with me. We started with a couple of beers in the International Suite and then took our great seats behind the goal in the Stretford End. For us it was like a dream.

The game wasn't the best we could hope for - with ten minutes left in the game, United were 2-1 down and not playing so well. But then came the two goals we will never forget as long as we live. First Ronaldo scored the equaliser and then Macheda, the Italian striker, grabbed the winning goal in additional time. The joy around us was immense

My wife watched the game at the hotel while waiting for us and she was also so happy for us. I have since decided to come over with my son at least once a year for a game. It's a pity it's so hard to get tickets but on the other hand we are lucky to be able to watch every United game on TV at home in Switzerland.


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