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10/01/2010 15:41


Thom Des Forges on Arsenal 2002

United fan Thom remembers a vital victory over the Gunners...

The most special moment I’ve ever had at Old Trafford probably isn’t one that most people would choose but it’s one I’ll always remember as being a huge moment for the Reds.

Any game against Arsenal is big, but I remember this one being particularly important as we needed the points to get closer to the Gunners who were the champions and league leaders at the time.

I was sat with my mate in the South Stand right next to the away supporters and the atmosphere was electric. I wasn’t feeling very confident before the game as both Roy Keane and David Beckham were missing, and if that wasn’t bad enough we then lost the toss – something that always makes me nervous as I like us to attack the Stretford End in the second half.

"We’re not shooting our lucky way this half," I moaned, but I was quickly put in my place by a woman in front, who turned round and said, "There are no unlucky ends at Old Trafford."

And she was right that day. After 21 minutes, one of my favourite players at the time, Juan Sebastian Veron fired us ahead from close range. I went flying and ended up on the back of a guy I’d never seen before in my life – but we celebrated like family!

There were some hairy moments after that, but the way Phil Neville was playing in midfield we were never going to let the lead go. Paul Scholes wrapped it up in the second half leading to some fantastic celebrations.

It’s a game I’ll always remember as a big day in what turned out to be a fantastic season.


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