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The home of Manchester United

People often ask me what it is that makes Manchester United so special. When I played for the club Sir Matt Busby always used to say that the lad who works on the factory shop floor, but finds it boring, wants excitement in his free time... that when he goes to football at the weekend he wants excitement. He therefore used to tell us that we therefore had a responsibility to entertain. It is a philosophy that has continued right through until today and that has made the club popular the world over.

In my role as a club director I'm lucky enough to travel all over the world as a club ambassador. I've seen how much the club means to its supporters; it's an enduring appeal based on rich traditions and a unique history that encompasses excitement, tragedy and glory.

During this virtual tour you'll get a taste of the history of Manchester United, and move a little closer to understanding just why the club has touched the hearts of so many. Enjoy your visit.


Sir Bobby Charlton


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