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Peers' praise for Moyes

He sees the same drive, the same characteristics, and the same steely determination. Neither men are to be trifled with. Moyes is team first. He has built a team – several teams, in fact – and that is exactly what United want: a team."

Gary Neville: “I would welcome it [David Moyes’ appointment]. It makes sense. Manchester United want someone to respect the history and tradition of the club, someone who is there for the long-term. The club does not go for quick-fixes. This will be a result for sanity back in football, the next Manchester United manager. I see scouting systems being ripped up, people being sacked... Manchester United don’t work like that."

Alan Shearer: “Anyone who has worked with David Moyes says great things about his man-management and his coaching.”

Peter Schmeichel: "David Moyes has been at Everton for more than a decade on limited funds and he’s done a fantastic job. You look at him and think stability and longevity — that’s an important thing for United.”

Denis Law: "David has done a marvellous job at Everton. Alex had won the European Cup Winners’ Cup with Aberdeen but was not experienced in the European Cup either and, as we all know, he went on to win it. I think there is a time for all managers to be the first to do something and Moyes’ record has been excellent."

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