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29/09/2011 14:56 , G Thompson, A Marshall, A Bostock
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Webchat: Ji-sung Park hosted an exclusive live webchat with Ji-sung Park at Carrington on Thursday 29 September.

The webchat started at 13:00 BST - the questions and answers appear below in reverse order, most recent question first.

The fan whose question Ji considered to be the best was Gordon Yeo from Singapore. He asked, "What's been the funniest moment you've had with Patrice?" Gordon will win a new United shirt signed by the man himself - congratulations!

Last question, Ji... How you would describe your life as a Manchester United player? - Nick, Malaysia

It's a dream. We have many games to play but we have great facilities and I have great players around me. We also have great fans, a great stadium and we play in one of the best leagues in the world. I think every footballer wants to play for United.

I heard you like to listen to music. Who's your favourite musician? - Sol Lee, UK

My favourite music artist? I don't have one particular favourite. I listen to everything so I just can't choose one. At United, Patrice Evra organises the music in the dressing room. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not, but most of the time he's a good DJ and everyone is happy with that. He doesn't play any Korean music though, he doesn't know anything about it!

If you could play with any player, past or present, who would it be? - Olivia Betts, UK

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