England A to K


Counties A to K

Lead Contact Person: Craig Dilley
Email: Craig.dilley@hotmail.co.uk
Contact Number: 07958146146

Bristol, Bath & District
Lead Contact Person: Ashley Powell
Email: ash@muscbb.co.uk
Contact Number: 07976516312
Website: www.muscbb.co.uk

Cheshire - Chester & North Wales
Lead Contact Person: Des Wright
Email: dwright136@btinternet.com
Contact Number: 01244851603

Cheshire - Crewe & Nantwich
Lead Contact Person: Andy Ridgway 
Email: andyridgway@hotmail.com
Contact Number: 07732825127

Cheshire - High Peak
Lead Contact Person: Keith Udale
Email: keith.udale@gmail.com

Cheshire - Macclesfield
Lead Contact Person: David Stanton
Email: mufcmscommunity@gmail.com

Cheshire - Newton-le-Willows
Lead Contact Person: Margaret Shannon
Email: margaretrs59@gmail.com
Contact Number: 07769338866

Cheshire - Stalybridge
Lead Contact Person: Walt Petrenko
Contact Number: 07980698964

Cheshire - Warrington
Lead Contact Person: Sue Buckley
Contact Number: 01925816966

Cumbria - Barrow-in-Furness
Lead Contact Person: Stewart Woodhouse
Email: 01229472674@talktalk.net
Contact Number: 01229472674 / 07886311374

Cumbria - South-West Scotland & Carlisle
Lead Contact Person: Iain McCartney
Email: itmccartney@btinternet.com
Contact Number: 07395742075

Cumbria - West Cumbria 
Lead Contact Person: John Anthony Penn
Email: sanantste@aol.com
Contact Number: 07742530970

Cumbria - Westmorland
Lead Contact Person: Dennis Alderson
Email: dennis.alderson@internet.com
Contact Number: 07973965373
Facebook: ManchesterUnitedSupportersClub
Game screening: Kendal Cricket Club

Lead Contact Person: Kevin Skinner
Email: Kevinskinner5@gmail.com
Contact Number: 07990612253

Devon - Plymouth
Lead Contact Person: Dave Price
Email: djprice@plymouth.ac.uk
Contact Number: 01752584645 / 01752482049 
Website: www.plymouthreds.com

Devon - Torbay
Lead Contact Person: Neil Helson
Contact Number: 07775828605
Facebook: torbayreds
Twitter: @RedsMusc

Devon - West Devon & District
Lead Contact Person: Rita Bolt
Contact Number: 0183782682 / 07779953759

Lead Contact Person: Steve Peyman
Email: mufcdorset@gmail.com
Contact Number: 07595825934

Durham & North East
Lead Contact Person: Derek Wade
Email: Derek.wade1@ntlworld.com
Contact Number: 07884180755
Website: www.muscnortheast.co.uk

East Anglia
Lead Contact Person: Mark Donovan
Email: manutdeastanglia@aol.com
Contact Number: 07801317901

East Sussex - Brighton
Lead Contact Person: Colin Singers
Contact Number: 01903761679 / 07793837595

East Sussex - Hastings
Lead Contact Person: Tim Martin
Email: tim@manutdsc.co.uk 
Contact Number: 07973656716

East Yorkshire
Lead Contact Person: Ian Baxter
Email: baxterian1956@gmail.com
Contact Number: 07768821844
Facebook: eastyorksreds

Gloucester & Cheltenham
Lead Contact Person: Paul Brown
Email: muscglos@aol.com
Contact Number: 07801802593

Lead Contact Person: Graham Thorne
Email: graham.thorne@sky.com
Contact Number: 07887780813
Website: www.muschants.co.uk

Lead Contact Person: Richard Price
Email: richard.price@mufcsupporters.co.uk
Contact Number: 07719812546

Lead Contact Person: Terry Burbridge
Email: manutdherts@aol.com
Contact Number: 07787491808
Website: www.mufcherts.co.uk

Isle of Man
Lead Contact Person: Gill Keown
Email: reddevil@manx.net

Kent - Invicta Reds
Lead Contact Person: Vic Hatherly
Email: invicta.reds@ntlworld.com
Contact Number: 07736686962