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Membership Types

Official Membership includes a range of options to suit fans of all ages. No matter which one you choose each option still includes exclusive match ticket access, a personalised card to load your match tickets onto and the same range of club discounts, competitions and benefits.

Full Adult Membership for fans aged 16+

Full Adult Membership includes a fantastic pack which includes a snood to keep you warm on the terraces, bluetooth earphones, a pen, keyring and pin badge so you can show your support wherever you are in the world.

Junior Membership for fans aged 11-15

This membership pack is suitable for children aged 11-15, and comes with a Man Utd boot bag and water bottle as well as a snood and gloves to keep fans warm at those chilly evening games.

Junior Membership for fans aged 5-10

Designed for younger fans aged 5-10, this membership pack contains everything junior Reds need to show their support, including a backpack, scarf, mini football, digital watch and activity set with stickers to keep them entertained at half time.

Junior Membership for fans aged 1-4

For fans aged 1-4, this membership pack is designed to keep little Reds entertained with a mini football and activity pack with stickers, as well as a water bottle, warm woolly hat and a mini backpack to keep everything in.

Junior Membership for fans under 1

For the smallest of fans, this membership pack will get little Reds on the path to a lifelong love of United with a dribble bib, comfort blanket and cuddly Fred the Red, as well as a Baby on Board sign.

Lite Membership

Only interested in access to home match tickets and club benefits? Official Membership Lite includes a personalised membership card, exclusive access to Premier League home match tickets and club benefits but without the pack.