Club Sanctions

The Club, working with supporter groups and the Fans’ Forum, has produced this guide to provide transparency around the sanctions that Manchester United Football Club Ltd may impose for various offences.

The guide also sets out what the appeals processes are should sanctions be imposed.

Please note that in addition to the sanctions set out in this guide, it is likely that committing an offence will result in the relevant individual being refused entry to, or being ejected from the stadium.

The Club will review this guide from time to time.


a) Drinking alcohol in view of the pitch
b) Drunkenness in/around the stadium
c) Persistent standing
d) Smoking (inc. e-cigarettes) inside the stadium
e) Advertising tickets for sale at, or below, ‘face-value’

Written warning

a) Abusive, foul, or aggressive language/behaviour
b) Damaging property
c) Disorderly behaviour
d) Use of any prohibited item(s)
e) Mis-use of tickets
f) Repetition of a Level 1 offence

1-6 game suspension

a) Repetition of a Level 1-2 offence
b) Ticket touting e.g. tickets are, or are suspected of, being transferred or re-sold (or advertised or offered for re-sale) above ‘face-value’

1 year suspension

a) Missile throwing
b) Pitch encroachment (actual or intended)
c) Racist, homophobic or discriminatory language/behaviour (including sexual harassment)
d) Use or possession of ‘pyrotechnics’
e) Repetition of a Level 1-3 offence

3 year suspension

a) Abusive or aggressive behaviour towards MUFC staff, Police or anyone else in a working capacity
b) Any other criminal activity
c) Repetition of, or where a lower level offence has been
committed to a more severe degree

Indefinite Suspension
(sanctions may range depending on severity of offence)

A Police sanction at a home or away match, any other offence, or a breach of applicable Terms and Conditions, Supporters' Code of Conduct, or Ground Regulations

Reviewed on an Individual Basis


1. These sanctions are a guide only. The Club retains discretion to impose alternative sanctions depending on the circumstances. These sanctions are also independent of any other investigation and/or sanctions that may be imposed by third parties (e.g. the Police or other relevant authorities), and the Club may provide relevant information to the Police and/or other relevant authorities.

2. The Club reserves the right to change this guide from time to time without prior notice. In the event that any changes are made, the revised guide shall be published on this page.

3. All sanctions (including written warnings) are subject to an appeals process. Following an offence, the Club will determine the sanction to be imposed and will communicate this sanction in writing to the relevant individual, who will have 14 days to appeal the initial decision. This appeal will be heard by a Senior Manager.

4. If the individual remains unhappy with the outcome of the 1st Appeal, they will have 14 days to submit a 2nd Appeal to an Appeals Panel, which will meet to consider the 2nd appeal before confirming their decision in writing to the relevant individual. The Appeals Panel will contain at least two independent representatives.