Important Information

What is Ticket Touting at MUFC?
Ticket Touting is taken seriously and we have measures in place to reduce the occurrence at our home and away games. Ticket Touting is when a person purchases a match ticket and later resells this to a supporter for a similar or inflated value. These tickets are often invalid, leaving supporters that have purchased these tickets and travelled to the stadium disappointed and unable to see the game.
What we are doing to prevent Ticket Touting at MUFC?
Every season offenders are appropriately sanctioned and are subsequently suspended from purchasing tickets and attending fixtures. This means that more tickets are made available to Official Members to purchase directly from the club. We want this to continue in future seasons, with our aim being to eliminate ticket touting at Old Trafford. We take measures to reduce the number of invalid or touted tickets at each home game.
Unauthorised Resellers:
The majority of touted tickets are purchased online through unauthorised sources. Please be advised that you can only purchase official match day home tickets through our official website (this excludes specific hospitality packages). If you are unsure if you are purchasing official tickets, please contact us at tickets@manutd.co.uk or call us on 0161 676 7770.
What you can do to help:
You can help us prevent ticket touting. If you suspect that you have purchased a touted ticket through an illegal source, or you have evidence that another supporter is re-selling match tickets, please email touting@manutd.co.uk with the full details and we can investigate this further.  Where possible, we may be able help you by providing a ticket to a home game (subject to availability and sales restrictions).  Please note, all information received is treated confidentially.