Fernandes scores his penalty

Bruno: I like the pressure!

Sunday 07 March 2021 19:35

Bruno Fernandes reflected on an ‘almost perfect’ performance, after Manchester United won the derby at the Etihad Stadium.

Our Portuguese magnifico got the ball rolling with an early penalty and ran further (12.05km) than any player on the pitch, in what was a typically energetic showing.

But, rather than bask in the personal plaudits, the no.18 was keen to point out what was a brilliant all-round team display, as he feels the Reds created the better chances and withstood City’s dominance in possession well.

“I think it was almost perfect. We created a lot of chances where maybe we could finish better, or play a better last pass or last shot,” Fernandes told MUTV.

Fernandes: It was almost perfect Video

Fernandes: It was almost perfect

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“When we create chances it’s always good because if you create it’s a sign you’re playing well and trying to do something different.

“I think we played a little bit better in the second half because in the first half they pressed as well. We had more counters but in the second half we are clearer and we take more control of the game at times.

“They have more of the ball than us, they pass more times with the ball. Anyway, [in terms of] opportunities I think we had the best ones and for me the most important in the game is the result. The result for us is on our side, so it’s perfect.”

Fernandes has come under scrutiny in some circles in recent weeks, with many in the media highlighting his recent failure to score in fixtures against ‘the Big Six’.

Of course, it’s vital to get off to a good start in these kind of fixtures, so there was plenty riding on our second-minute spot-kick, but Bruno made no mistake with his effort, even if Ederson did get a hand to it.

“Every penalty has the same pressure for me,” Bruno added, when asked if he felt the weight of expectation. “It’s always pressure to take a pen, doesn’t matter if it’s against City, or another team. It’s always pressure to take the pens.

“I like that kind of pressure. It’s good pressure. I knew what I had to do. I did it in the right way with the right power and I’m happy to score, of course.

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“Honestly for us it’s about winning. People will always complain about everything. Today it will still be Bruno never scores in big games.

“They will put open play no goals, it was a penalty [and say] it doesn’t count! So for us the most important thing is winning the game.

“It doesn’t matter how you score, when the ball touches the net it’s a goal. I will be happy and it doesn’t matter if it’s me or another one scoring.”

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Bruno celebrated finding the back of the net by running to the camera and holding both ears and he revealed that gesture was a tribute to his family and their support.

“It’s for my kids,” the 26-year-old said to Sky Sports, in a separate interview.

“I think most people already know, my kids are the best [thing] of my life and every time I score it’s for both of them and also for my wife for supporting me in this difficult period.

“I know everyone thinks for players it’s a bit easier to be training, play, training, play, but sometimes it is tough and for the support they give me in all this difficult period it’s praise for them.”