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It’s all about the Club, the fans and the most popular sport on the planet. We, at Kohler, couldn't be more excited about our partnership with one of the most legendary football clubs of all time and, you, their legions of passionate fans. 

As global leaders, our organisations have a lot in common. Both Kohler and Manchester United have a storied history with rich traditions. We share an unwavering dedication to excellence. And approach every challenge head on, never quitting, while inspiring people the world over. 

As a company with a global presence, Kohler makes sustainability and stewardship a top priority. And we believe in promoting a culture of equality and inclusion with a mission of making the world a better place —  just like Manchester United. Kohler also fosters excellence by manufacturing innovative, high quality kitchen and bath products that make everyday moments more beautiful and convenient. While Kohler Power Group delivers reliable, cutting edge engines, generators and uninterruptible power supplies you can trust. 

We’re extremely proud to be a Principal Partner of the legendary men’s team and women’s team. And we look forward to the successes, both on and off the pitch, that lie ahead.