Science in Sport

Marcus Rashford.

Science in Sport

Our players are elite athletes, who need to be capable of playing between 60 and 70 games per season, often with just two or three days between matches.

Science in Sport work closely with United's backroom team to provide tailored nutrition programmes for every player to meet the demands of their position and daily workload.

They have also collaborated with United’s nutrition and sports science staff to develop an innovative range of world-class products, so you can prepare and repair your body like some of their biggest names.

Since the launch of the partnership in January 2018, Science in Sport have worked alongside United’s performance staff to develop a range of world-class products used by club’s playing squad on a daily basis.

But the products aren’t just for elite players; they’re also perfect for fuelling the amateur five-a-side, Sunday League or Saturday League player who wants to perform to their best every time they set foot on the pitch.