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Science In Sport

Sports Nutrition Partner of Manchester United for UK and Europe

De Gea, Rojo and Lingard using Science In Sport products

Through their partnership with Manchester United, Science in Sport have a vision to ensure footballers across the UK and Europe take their nutrition and performance to the next level.

The players and backroom staff at Manchester United have been using products from Science in Sport since 2008 to support the team’s nutrition needs. Science in Sport work closely with the club nutritionists and players to develop products to meet each individual player’s needs, creating bespoke nutrition plans incorporating these products, as well as developing new products specifically for football.

Science in Sport are building a series of dedicated nutrition stations at Manchester United’s Aon Training Complex to ensure the players have the best access to all of the Science in Sport products before and after training.

Manchester United’s nutritionist Mark Ellison comments: "A professional footballer’s schedule is demanding and we need the players to have the right nutritional programme to give them the energy to give 100 per cent in each game they play. For us, success is ensuring each player is able to keep going right up to the final whistle and then has the best nutrition products afterwards to help them recover from that match and prepare for the next one."

However, amateur footballers don’t have the same support. Science in Sport’s research shows that amateur footballers are among the least involved in sports nutrition across the UK’s biggest participation sports, with only 26 per cent of amateur footballers using any form of sports nutrition products, compared with 70 per cent of endurance athletes. Science in Sport are committed to supporting amateur footballers to get the same access to nutrition expertise and products as elite players to improve their performance.

Stephen Moon, CEO of Science in Sport, comments: "If we look at the data, it tells us that amateur footballers need more from the sports nutrition industry. They don’t know what’s out there, and they’re often not educated on how it can help them change their game. For teams where you might be playing a 90 minute game with no substitutes, a Science in Sport gel at half-time can help make sure you don’t run out of energy midway through the second half.

"We recognise this challenge and we want to make a real difference so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We’re so confident that footballers will benefit from our advanced product range, we’ve agreed to give 100,000 trial packs away to amateur players to kick off our partnership with Manchester United, and they don’t even need to be a fan of the club!"