Casual Car Park Steward Application Form

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Casual Car Park Steward at Manchester United Football Club. To submit your application, please complete the form below. Please Note: all correspondence will be sent via the details that you have provided.

Have you ever been convicted of any criminal offences or received a caution, reprimand or warning from the Police?
Do you have a valid work permit for the UK / are you otherwise eligible to work in the UK?
All of our staff must be able to communicate effectively with our customers or team members. Are you able to have fluent conversations and understand directions given in English?
Are you over 18?
Do you have any visible tattoos or facial piercings? (You will be asked to cover/remove as applicable)
Whilst everyone that works with us at the Stadium will be able to enjoy the atmosphere, there will not be any opportunity to watch the match/event. Will this affect your willingness to work every match/event day?
Do you live within travelling distance of Manchester United?
Matchdays will be held on various days throughout the week. Please indicate below whether you will be available to work on each of these days:
Monday - Friday (various start times)?
Saturdays (various start times)?
Sundays (various start times)?
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