Domestic Away Games

Domestic Away Games

Further information will be provided once fixtures for the 2021/22 season have been released. 



Away Ticket Forwarding Guide

Please note, the Ticket Forwarding service remains suspended until further notice, whilst matches continue to take place behind closed doors. A ‘Ticket Forwarding’ service for our domestic away matches is available for all eligible Season Ticket holders.

This process allows supporters successful for a ticket to forward their ticket to another eligible Season Ticket holder (silver level and above, and have purchased all home cup games) if they are unable to attend. Note, concessionary tickets can only be forwarded to other eligible supporters in the same age category; if you would like to forward a ticket to a supporter in another age category, please call 0161 676 7770 where a member of the team would be happy to help.

This process is available on two occasions per season, and for those supporters in the Loyalty Pot, forwarding a ticket will class as a ‘missed application’. Note, you are unable to forward a ticket to someone who already has a ticket for the game.

In order to use this service, each supporter will need an online account on our eTicketing platform (if you don’t already have an online account, visit for instructions on how to set this up), as well as the Membership number and surname of the supporter receiving the forwarded ticket.

The below step-by-step instructions have been put together to help guide supporters through the process, both from the ‘ticket forwarder’ and the ‘ticket receivers' point of view.


1. Log into your online account at by selecting the ‘Log In’ button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Enter your Membership Number and password to access your online account.

2. You can view any of your tickets that are available for forwarding in the Notifications section on the main eTicketing page – this will be displayed as ‘Manage Tickets’ and the number of tickets available will be shown in brackets.

3. Once selected, you will need to click on the relevant game you want to forward your ticket for. This will then open up and show you your ticket details for that game.

4. You will need to click the tick box next to your name and then click on ‘Forward to Friend’ – the supporter you wish to forward your ticket to, must be in your network and eligible to receive Domestic Away Match Tickets. If the supporter you’re forwarding your ticket to is not already in your network, please visit for a guide on how to add someone to your online network.

5. Once you have selected the supporter you wish to forward your ticket onto, you will be asked to review your selection and confirm – both you and the ticket receiver will receive an email to confirm that this has been requested.

6. The ticket receiver will need to follow the instructions provided in the email, log into their account and the ticket will be shown in the Notifications section on the main eTicketing page.

7.If the receiver chooses to decline the offer an email will be sent to the ticket forwarder to advise them that they do not want the ticket. If they choose accept the ticket, select ‘Accept’ and continue the process to complete the transaction.

8. Once the ticket has been accepted, the ticket forwarder will receive a confirmation email to confirm. Please note, the ticket receiver will not be sent an email, but the ticket will appear in the ‘My Tickets’ section of their online account.

Note: The match ticket for the game will be posted out to the original ticket holder; it is then their responsibility to pass over the ticket to the ticket receiver.

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