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P1 Travel is an approved reseller of Manchester United Matchday Hospitality. 

Matchday Hospitality at Manchester United can only be purchased direct through the Club, or through a handful of selected resellers. As an authorised provider, P1 Travel are authorised to market and sell Matchday Hospitality packages; this is done to ensure that all elements of the delivery are controlled whilst ensuring customers receive the best possible experience.

When booking hospitality, an authorised reseller can provide seat numbers and locations at any time as they own the packages and tickets that they sell. You will be guaranteed official match tickets and hospitality that is operated by Manchester United. 

This accreditation is your reassurance that P1 Travel is a trusted reseller of Manchester United hospitality packages. It is essential that you know what you are booking, and it is vital that you understand the difference between authorised and unauthorised providers. Should you have any queries in respect of whether a ticket or hospitality package is authentic, please do not hesitate to contact Paul Adkin from the Matchday Hospitality team on 0161 868 8496.


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