Following recent feedback regarding enhancing the stadium atmosphere, Manchester United has accommodated a number of fan-led ‘atmosphere trials’ this season which have been extremely successful:

The results captured so far this season indicate that, despite only trialling the area with around 600 supporters, those who sit there are actively participating and making a difference to the stadium atmosphere*. With this in mind, and taking on board the feedback received from a recent supporter survey, as well as consultation with MUST, The Red Army and Fans’ Forum, the club will now start the process of repurposing other selected seating areas to make way for a dedicated ‘atmospheric’ area. 

Therefore, ahead of the 2019/20 season, around 1,200 seats will be available in the current Family Stand area, which will be allocated to the dedicated ‘atmospheric’ area. 

The club has identified that it is possible to relocate the Family Stand to an alternative area within the stadium, without adversely affecting current family groups:

  • Last season, around 600 Season Ticket holders moved out of the Family Stand (primarily due to the youngest member of their party turning 16), and a similar number are predicted to move out this season
  • Seats vacated in the current Family Stand ahead of the 18/19 season were not re-sold seasonally 
  • The Family Stand has 3 natural ‘splits’ where the concourses, entrances and exits and toilets can be safely divided to create separate areas
  • Before allocating any seats as part of the dedicated area, all families still located in the current Family Stand will be contacted by the Ticket Office and will be given the option to either remain in the Family Stand or to move to alternative seating in the stadium
  • If the family chooses to stay within the current Family Stand, they will be asked whether they prefer seats near to the dedicated area, or further away

The club will provide updates in future Fans’ Forums in respect to:

  • How the area of 1,200 seats will be filled next season, as well as the qualifying criteria and % of Season Tickets vs. matchday tickets
  • Results of consultation in relation to the remaining c2.7k seats in the existing Family Stand area (e.g. potential to release additional seats for the use of dedicated atmospheric area, or whether demand leans towards keeping the area primarily for the use of families)

    *Leicester City: average noise levels were the loudest ever recorded (6dB higher than the loudest fixture recorded in the 2017/18 season – v Liverpool at 92dB).
    2018/19 Season average so far: 93.8dB.
Stretford End