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24/01/2010 18:44


Ken Ramsden

Club secretary Ken Ramsden talks about some of the changes at Old Trafford, including the names of its four stands...

Everyone has a pet name for a section of the ground.

For instance, the North Stand has previously been named the Old Stand, the Cantilever Stand, the New Cantilever Stand, the World Cup Stand, the United Road Stand. Every section of the ground has had a similar number of names held in affection or for geographical reasons.

However, for the principles of safety, in making it easier for the emergency services to move around the ground, the names were changed to the North, South, East and West Stands. It might sound sterile but we know the fans call the Stretford End the Stretford End – it is the same for me, but for health and safety or security meetings it is the West Stand. There was a resistance to get rid of the Stretford End but it wasn’t a debate. What’s on your ticket and what is in your heart is different.

Since Old Trafford became an all-seater stadium there are those who want to stand now even though they know they're not allowed to. But when they could stand they wanted to sit down. The amount of grief I used to get when we were sold out... I used to say: "Sorry, there are no seats remaining, there are only standing tickets left." They'd reply: "You know what you can do with those..."

People talk about the Old Trafford atmosphere and how it's not what it used to be. I don’t believe the atmosphere has changed. I have been at nearly every game at Old Trafford for the past 50 years and I know that for the really big games, when it really matters, fans lift the roof off the stand.


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