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14/01/2010 08:00


Joe Ganley on Barcelona 2008

United fan Joe Ganley usually sits in the Stretford End but he witnessed his favourite Old Trafford goal from North Stand...

I’m 22 and have been going to Old Trafford regularly for almost 10 years. There have been plenty of memorable moments in that time but the Champions League semi-final win over Barca has to rank as the best.

Actually, I can be more specific than that: for me, nothing beats the moment Paul Scholes’ shot hit the back of the net.

Scholesy’s my favourite player and one of the greatest to have served under Sir Alex. But even so, I don’t think he’s fully appreciated. Him scoring such a perfect winner – and at such a crucial time – was a bit like seeing the quiet kid at school step up and do something monumental.

I remember when he picked up the ball he was level with where I was sitting in North Stand. Then he took one touch, shaped to shoot and there was a great collective intake of breath from the crowd. I swear we ushered that ball in. It’s funny but I remember never having any doubt about where it was going to end up.

It was also fitting that Scholesy should be the one to send us to Moscow after missing out on the 1999 final – he deserved at least that much. And I think it’s brilliant that we’re left with one moment of individual genius to treasure when he finally hangs up his boots. I know I’ll never forget it.


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