Fans forum representatives

Meet the Fans' Forum Representatives

Along with representatives from MUDSA and other outside Fan Groups, our Fans’ Forum representatives reflect the mix of supporters who attend matches and meet with senior Club officials. They represent; Season Ticket holders, Official Members, Executive Club Members, Supporters’ Club Members, supporters who sit in the Family Stand, supporters aged 65+, and a local resident.

Any supporter can submit a question or discussion point to the Fans’ Forum up to four weeks before a meeting takes place, but to do so you need to have registered via the official website, official app or MUTV and be logged in.

To submit a question or discussion point, please select the relevant representative below and click the ‘Contact’ button. Once you have submitted your question the rep will then aim to raise this on your behalf.

Chris Rumfitt

MUST (Manchester United Supporters Trust)

Ian Stirling

Independent Supporter Liaison Officer

Chas Banks

MU Disabled Supporters’ Association

Mick Thorne

Official UK Supporters’ Club Representative

Demetris Nathanael

Official Overseas Supporters’ Club

Deborah Henry

Women’s Team Supporters’ Group

Rick McGagh

Season Ticket Holder Representative

Alan Harvey

Season Ticket Holder Representative

James Coatsworth

Season Ticket Holder Representative

John Massey

Executive Member Representative

Fiona Lynch

UK Official Member

Luca Black

Under-21 Season Ticket Holder

Anthony Sewart

Family Stand Representative

Keith Coutts

Over-65 Season Ticket Holder

Janine Kasmir

Local Resident Fan

John Paul Monck

Overseas Official Member