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Match tickets for Premier League games at Old Trafford are sold exclusively to Official Members. Official Members can purchase 1 ticket for each home game, occasionally more tickets will be available. For some games you will need to enter a ballot due to high demand. The 2020/21 Premier League is scheduled to start on 12th September. The Fixture schedule for the 2020/21 season is still to be confirmed. 

Match Ticket Prices

Match ticket prices are determined by both the age of supporter, and by the area of the stadium in which you wish to sit.
Price Band
Adult Age 21-64 Under 16 Age 16-17 Age 18-20 Age 65+
Red £58 £13 £28 £45.50 £28
Silver £55 £13 £28 £43.25 £28
Blue £52 £13 £28 £41 £28
Green £50 £13 £28 £39.50 £28
Orange £46 £13 £27 £36.50 £27
Yellow £45 £13 £26.50 £35.75 £26.50
Black £43 £13 £25.50 £34.25 £25.50
Pink £42 £13 £25 £33.50 £25
Purple £36 £13 £22 £29 £22

Match ticket prices for home games in the Carabao Cup competitions are discounted by 25%

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Official Membership

Join Official Membership and get exclusive access to Premier League home match tickets, priority access to home cup match tickets and the chance to apply for European away games. Plus, you’ll receive a fantastic pack full of United merchandise to show your support, including a personalised membership card which will become your ticket to games at Old Trafford. There are a whole host of other benefits to membership too.

MU Women

Manchester United Women compete in the FA Women’s Super League. The start date and fixture schedule for the 2020/21 season is still to be confirmed.

Ticket Touts

Over 30,000 Manchester United tickets (including potentially fake tickets) are advertised for unauthorised resale annually, with some supporters often paying over 10 times the ticket cost.

We need you to help us prevent ticket touts from taking advantage of the loyalty of our supporters.

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