Fans' forum representative role and responsibilities

Fans in the stand at Old Trafford

Roles & Responsibilities – Fans’ Forum Representative

Purpose of the Fans' Forum:

The Fans’ Forum offers an opportunity for key supporter representatives to meet with Senior Club Officials to discuss issues relevant to match-going fans, with the view to suggesting and implementing positive change. The scope of the Fans’ Forum is wide and varied, previous improvements for match-going fans instigated by the Fans’ Forum have included:

- Increasing transparency of the Official Club Sanctions document
- Changes to the ballot process for away games 
- Official Members’ home game ticket purchase process
- Family Stand entertainment offering
- Suggestions as to which organisations that should receive donations from the MU Foundation
- Catering options inside the stadium on matchdays

Structure of the Fans’ Forum:

- 3x Season Ticket holders
- 1x Season Ticket holder aged 16-21
- 1x Season Ticket holder aged 65+
- 1x Season Ticket holder from the Family Stand
- 3x Official Members
- 1x Executive Club Member
- 1x Local Resident Fan
- 2x MUSC Reps
- 1x Fans’ Group Rep
- 1x MUDSA (Manchester United Disabled Supporters’ Association) Rep

Role & Responsibilities of Representatives:

- Ability to commit to attending 4 Fans’ Forum meetings per season, usually on Fridays before home matchdays in September, November, March and May

- Understanding of issues that face match-going fans, and the ability to put points across for discussion in these meetings and make recommendation that will lead to the implementation of positive change

- Understanding of issues that face other supporter groups, and how they might be overcome, even if this does not directly impact the supporter group that you represent

- Ability to have a reasoned discussion about issues that face fans, while listening to and understanding the position of the club and any restrictions placed upon it in-line with participation of certain competitions etc.

- Good rapport with supporters within your dedicated ‘supporter group’, who feel comfortable taking their issues/feedback to you as they know it will be escalated in the appropriate way

- Comfortable to have your name and photograph made publically available on the club’s website

- Happy to receive emails from supporters via a dedicated portal on and to raise any relevant questions for discussions in future meetings