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Who owns the club?

Manchester United Plc., a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, is the ultimate parent company of Manchester United Football Club. Manchester United Plc. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The only person holding 10% or more of the voting rights in Manchester United Plc. is the Glazer family.

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I would like to become a commercial sponsor or partner with Manchester United, who should I contact?

The sponsorship team will carefully consider the information provided by email to If the team feels this opportunity warrants further discussion, they will be in touch shortly to understand your interest in partnering with Manchester United.

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How do I advertise at Manchester United?

It is the club's policy that the right to advertise on, in Manchester United media and on pitchside perimeter boards at Old Trafford is only afforded to the club's official partners as part of a long-term and broader partnership. It is not possible to purchase this advertising space.

Furthermore, as you would appreciate, as one of the world's leading football clubs a significant investment is required to become an official partner of the club.

If you feel your organisation is in a position to consider a broad and long-term partnership, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the club via

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How do I submit a licensing proposal?

MU-RAML is responsible for licensing the Manchester United brand on all merchandise around the globe. Should you wish to submit a licensing proposal please follow the link to our online portal:

There you will find a step-by-step guide to submit your proposal online. It will then be received by the team here, who will be happy to respond to you on intellectual property branding rights, territories, product categories and your licensing questions.

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How do I obtain accreditation to report on a match from the press box?

Space in the press box is severely limited and accreditation for domestic league and cup matches is only given to those people who are officially registered with the FA Premier League.

FAPL registration is obtained by completing an application form and presenting bona fide, internationally-recognised media identification to Kelly Williams of the Premier League at

For UEFA Champions League games, applications should be made direct to the club, presenting bona fide, internationally-recognised media identification to

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How do I contact a player / the manager, and can I request an autograph or visit?

Due to the number of requests received, we cannot arrange autographs or visits to events. Autograph requests are reserved for registered charity requests only, and must be submitted online to

The players do not have their own email addresses at Manchester United, but you can write to them at the following address. However, due to the large volume of mail players receive, they are unable to respond to every letter.

(Name of player/manager)
Manchester United Football Club Limited
Aon Training Complex
Birch Road off Isherwood Road
M31 4BH

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Can I get a trial to play for Manchester United, and do you offer scholarships?

We do not hold open trials. Our scouting operation works so that before any player comes to our club, they will have been initially assessed by one of our scouts. Premier League regulations severely restrict the number of players whom we can coach at each age group. Consequently it is not easy to obtain a place in our Academy.

We have a network of scouts throughout the country who continually monitor young players. We hope that young players who aspire to become professional footballers will generally be involved with their town or district team and/or a good Sunday team. It is by watching such games that our scouts become aware of the players of outstanding potential. We receive regular reports on players throughout the country. We shall do everything in our power to attempt to bring players with high potential to our club for trials and assessment. You can be assured that those playing at a good level of competitive football will be assessed by one of our regional scouts.

There is no easy route to becoming a footballer. It is extremely important that you develop skill. The first step is to get involved with a team playing in good quality competition. For school children, this would not only mean being in the school team, but also representing teams in your town, county, district, and even country. Good quality junior football is very helpful, especially in regions where organised schools football is not available. Playing with other top quality players can only help develop your potential. If you are aged 15-18, you need to be playing at the highest level of football within your age band and with other good quality players.

Unfortunately, there are no scholarship application forms. Scholarships are offered to young players based on their ability and potential as assessed by members of staff. We have to make an application for scholarship places on an annual basis, many months before players are ready to leave school or college. Most players have already been signed by our club on an Academy Registration form.

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Is it possible to play for Manchester United if I live outside the UK?

There are stringent rules and regulations set by the Premier League for trials for boys born outside England. In summary, they are:

• The earliest time a boy can attend an Academy for assessment is at the start of his 15th year. We are obliged to include restrictions on suitability – that a boy can only trial if he is recommended by one of our scouts or contacts. If he is deemed suitable for assessment he still cannot register for an Academy unless he resides within 1½ hour of its base – even then the boy must not be moving into the area for that purpose i.e. it can only be for family and not football reasons e.g. maybe the parent(s) moves jobs/positions to enhance his/her career.
• If the boy is an EU/EEA citizen then he can sign as a scholar aged 16, not before.
• If the boy is not an EU/EEA citizen then the earliest he can sign is aged 18 and even then it is dependent upon eligibility for a work permit.

Our scouts attend international youth tournaments around the world. In this way we see players that may be of a suitable standard to join our Academy.

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Can Manchester United supply information for school projects?

Manchester United Football Club is a popular topic for projects, assignments and dissertations.

Our website contains numerous pages on a wide variety of topics. If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website, then the information is either not available or it is considered proprietary/confidential.

Often students ask very specific questions about our playing staff, management and business strategies on and off the field. Due to the highly competitive nature of the football industry, unfortunately we cannot respond to questions of this nature.

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