Sir Alex is all smiles on Saturday.

An emotional return for Sir Alex

Sir Alex Ferguson has told MUTV it is emotional for him to return to Old Trafford for the first time since his operation after being overwhelmed by the support shown during his period of convalescence.

The legendary former Manchester United manager will be supporting the Reds against Wolves from his usual seat in the directors’ box and was in great spirits, even if he is apprehensive about being in the limelight before kick-off.

There will be some nerves for the great man as he is greeted by the club's supporters, who are all eager to see him again and wish him well.
Sir Alex Ferguson speaking to Stewart Gardner.
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“It's really good [to be back],” he told MUTV’s Stewart Gardner. “It’s obviously been a long journey but I’m making steps forward, doing what my son tells me and what the doctors tell me so, yeah, it’s really good. I’m a bit nervous, to be honest with you, maybe a bit tense really because the last game was Arsenal back in April. It was a long time but it’s great to be back and I just hope we get a win today.

”I don’t miss this! [interviews] This is the pressure, having these press guys with stupid questions! No, it’s great to go back to the stadium and it’s going to be quite emotional for me when the game starts, things like that. It had to happen some time and I’ve been looking forward to it. It was important getting the right time and the right rest before coming to a game.

Sir Alex steps out his car at Old Trafford.
Sir Alex sets foot on familiar ground.
“It's bound to be emotional,”
he continued.
“Particularly when I take my seat in the box. That will be something, you know. I’ll be glad when it gets over and the game starts and I can enjoy it.”

The outpouring of love for Sir Alex was something he appreciates and he is also extremely thankful to the surgeons who provided him with such excellent care and expertise.

”It’s unbelievable, there were thousands of cards and they kept arriving at Salford Royal Hospital,” he said.
“I’d left by that time but they kept coming and kept coming. The number of emails, texts and personal cards to the house, it was just amazing. It really was.
Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex greeted Arsene Wenger, at the last match he attended in April.

”I’m overcome by it and overwhelmed by it. I think, if you remember, I did the message [through MUTV] to thank the people who had taken the time to send me messages. It was really important to do that. Some of the doctors are here [as special guests] who did the operation and I thought it was the right thing to do. It’s great to be back!”

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