A message for Marcus

Thursday 27 May 2021 13:55

Presenting a message to Marcus Rashford from the Manchester United editorial team following the Europa League final...

We are proud of the man that you have become and the player that you have become. It was difficult to watch your emotional and heartfelt interview after the match last night, and to see that photo of you looking so desolate after the penalty shootout, alone on the bench at the side of the pitch. 

You were clearly hurting, both emotionally and physically, but your words hit home, to every true Manchester United fan. Your words give us hope on a difficult day at the very end of a tough, draining season and they give us belief that you and your team-mates will do everything they can next season to follow the process, continue to work hard, sacrifice and fight to deliver trophies to the club once more. 
It was difficult to see Marcus sitting alone in the dugout after the shootout.
Your dedication and desire is there for all to see. Your love for the club – the team you have represented and the badge you have worn for most of your life – shines through. You are a source of pride as a standard-bearer for the Academy, and an inspiration to every young player who dreams of wearing that shirt, whether they are coming through the Academy themselves, playing for their school team or simply kicking a ball around in the park. We can see the sacrifices you have made. And we know you won’t give up until you have helped bring success back to Manchester United.
After a short break, you will go on to represent the club as a player for your country in a major international tournament. We wish you all the best and hope that you return to the United fold fit, fired up and intent on fulfilling those dreams you have held close to you all your life. We are all with you.