Adidas Spezial exhibition: A journey through Manchester's history

Friday 25 November 2022 10:00

The Manchester United Museum has played a part in an adidas Spezial exhibition, currently on show in the heart of the city, by lending historic football boots to be displayed at the event.

United and adidas have been intrinsically linked throughout the past century, whether it be via the famous football kits of the 80s or today's eye-catching training wear and matchday looks.

Class, style and professionalism are epitomised by this partnership, and the Spezial event, which is being held at Circle Square on Oxford Road, is no different.

United x adidas Spezial Video

United x adidas Spezial

United fans take in an eye-catching adidas Spezial event and give their thoughts on our World Cup Reds...

Rows and rows of iconic football boots, World Cup balls and trainers greet you as you walk into adidas' Spezial exhibition.

Immediately catching the eye, front and centre, are the iconic champagne Predators, signed by United legend David Beckham and fellow superstar Zinedine Zidane.

Continuing along the dazzling corridor, boots worn by ex-Reds Edwin van der Sar, Juan Mata and Robin van Persie leap out, with the latter also featuring a signature from our former devastating striker.

These three are more recent Reds, as is Shinji Kagawa, whose footwear is also displayed. But it doesn't stop there.

Legendary Red Paul McGrath's boots, in the classic black with white adidas stripes, also occupy a display case, while Beckham has two pairs of boots on show too.

These pieces of history, donated to the exhibition by the Manchester United Museum, capture the link between adidas and Manchester United Football Club. 

The eye-catching displays of boot designs, such as Predators or Copa Mundials, also allow supporters to reminisce about the great United players, past and present, who may have worn them.

Aspden: United’s involvement is a ‘huge deal’


Fashion designer Gary Aspden thanks the club for its help towards his adidas Spezial event in Manchester.

Let's not forget the trainers too. Hundreds of pairs lined the display cases, with some bespoke pairs featuring the signatures of Manchester icons such as Ian Brown and the Gallagher brothers.

During my visit, the entire exhibition was set against a backdrop of excited gasps and camera flashes, as fellow attendees took in the spectacle.

‘Look at these Beckham boots' and 'what a player he was' were statements I heard regularly throughout the afternoon, as people took in the brilliance of our former Reds and the iconic footwear they donned during their playing days.

The adidas Spezial event is more than just an exhibition; it is a journey through the history of our football club and the city of Manchester itself.