Alex Greenwood gives Ella Toone a piggyback.

Greenwood and Toone answer fans' questions

Wednesday 27 March 2019 14:48

Manchester United Women's players Alex Greenwood and Ella Toone have been answering questions from fans as part of a Twitter takeover on the FA Women's Championship account.

It came on the day both players were called up by England sides, with Greenwood selected in Phil Neville's senior Lionesses squad, while Toone is part of the Under-23 party.

As part of the Twitter takeover, the pair were asked about their favourite moments of the season, our superb support and much more...

Q: What are your pre-match rituals?

Alex: For me, the day before the game, I always wear trousers when I’m training. It’s something I’ve done for a long time, but you get into a routine and I suppose, as the season goes along, you add a few more if things are going well.

Ella: For me, I always have bagels, beans and scrambled eggs and, every away trip, I listen to Whitney Houston songs.

Q: What are your favourite moments of the season?

Alex: There have been a few. We’ve had some brilliant results but, for me, it has to be the first game of the season. It was our first game together competitively and we beat Liverpool 1-0, which was a brilliant achievement for the team. I think when we beat Everton, that was also a special result.

Ella: Yeah mine would be Liverpool at home in the first game. I still get goosebumps now when I watch it back at the end - and for Lizzie [Arnot] to score, that was special.

Q: What was your first impression of the United fans?

Alex: Mad! They're unbelievable and have been with us through thick and thin, home and away, and we need you more than ever on Sunday [against Tottenham].

Ella: They’re like our 12th man on the pitch and we’re thankful every home and away game. We always try to win for them.

Q: What do you want to achieve in your career?

Ella: In my career, I want to win a lot of trophies with this special team and represent my country for the senior Lionesses.

Alex: Similar to Tooney. I want to be as successful as possible at Manchester United, win trophies and be successful with the Lionesses. Hopefully that starts this summer with both club and country.

Q: How does it feel to be called up by the Lionesses?

Alex: To be called into the SheBelieves Cup was a massive honour, but to be called into any England squad is always an honour. Tooney has just been selected for the Under-23s and we both go away next week and are really looking forward to the upcoming fixtures.

Ella: Every time you get picked for England, it’s a massive honour and achievement - you’re doing yourself proud and your family proud. Every time we get called up, it’s an honour and we’re looking forward to getting away next week.

Q: Alex, how did it feel to be made captain of the team?

Alex: To be named Manchester United captain was an honour, especially at the start of such a big campaign. I think to become a new team and to be named captain was an unbelievable honour and one I’m grateful for every day. I just hope I can lift plenty of trophies with this club and have a successful career here.
Alex and Ella celebrate a goal against Leicester with Katie Zelem.
Q: Who inspired you to play football?

Alex: It was probably my family. I’ve always played from as young as I can remember and nothing’s ever stopped me from playing. I’ve always been welcomed by the lads in school and I was never pushed away from doing it. As I grew up, and I could see it becoming a job, there was an opportunity to do that, so that’s what I’ve always wanted to do.

Ella: I started playing at a young age, maybe six or seven, but I never wanted anything other than to play football. I think my family were a massive part of that and they just kept pushing me and being there for me when I needed them the most.

Q: Who’s the best player you’ve played with?

Alex: It’s hard to choose one single player. I’ve been fortunate enough to play against, and with, some fantastic players: Fara Williams, Rachel Unitt, Casey Stoney. But for me, the standout one is probably Kelly Smith. She was an unbelievable player and to play against her was a nightmare. Fortunately towards the end of her international career, I had a few camps with her and, even then, she was unbelievable. You couldn’t get the ball off her!

Ella: I’ve been in a team with a lot of talented players like Alex, Lucy Bronze, Nikita Parris - a lot of girls who are playing international football and they’re people I look up to a lot.