Amad over injury frustration

Thursday 14 October 2021 16:31

Amad is on the brink of returning to full training with Manchester United.

The Ivory Coast international has been carefully working on his fitness during sessions at Carrington and is eagerly awaiting the chance to join in with the main group on Friday.

After sustaining a thigh injury at the end of September, he admits it is satisfying to be on schedule to return following the frustrations of being on the sidelines at a key time.

Amad recreates his goal celebration against AC Milan.

“It’s going very well," he told us at Carrington on Thursday. "The injury is doing well, I think today is my last day of recovery and I think, tomorrow, I’ll be ready. I should be training with the group. I hope to be ready for that training.

“It's a nice feeling [to be back]. To tell you the truth, to be out for so long is not nice. When you’re out [with an injury], you feel like you’re wasting time [not being able to play] but now obviously I’m back in, feeling happy and I hope I won’t have any more injuries and I hope to go on.”

The winger was due to join Feyenoord on loan during the summer transfer window but the injury put paid to that transfer taking place.

"You do need to be strong mentally and especially for me, because I should’ve gone on loan and this injury meant that I couldn’t," he admitted. "It couldn’t go ahead.

“That was a bit frustrating for me but I hope to go to my max.”