Siuuu! How Ronaldo's cry is taking over tennis

Wednesday 19 January 2022 11:00

The Australian Open – the first major tennis tournament of the year – has begun in Melbourne this week, and alongside the talk around Novak Djokovic’s deportation and wins for Emma Raducanu and Andy Murray in the first round, there is one word on everyone’s lips... siuuu!

Australian Open crowds are famously raucous and it seems the more boisterous element of the attendees have adopted Cristiano Ronaldo’s trademark celebration in earnest. At first, the fans' cries caused confusion among commentators and some players, many mistaking the noises as boos, before it became apparent that Manchester United's very own no.7 is the inspiration.

Local hero Nick Kyrgios was one of the first to experience the sound of 'siuuu' in his first-round win over British hope Liam Broady, and when asked about it after the game, he was quick to point out the origins. “I wasn’t getting booed. That’s not getting booed,” he confirmed.

Kyrgios added: “They actually weren’t saying ‘boo’. They were doing some Ronaldo thing. Ronaldo does it every time he scores.

“I thought they were going to do it for like 10 minutes [but] they did it for two-and-a-half hours, like every point. I can’t believe they did it so much. It was a zoo out there.”

Not to let the crowd down, Kyrgios adopted the Ronaldo ‘siuuu’ pose after winning the match.
Andy Murray was another who heard the new phenomenon first-hand in his five-set first-round win over Nikoloz Basilashvili, and also thought the crowd was booing him at first. Murray is a big football fan, but not so keen on the Melbourne crowds adopting the cry for the tennis courts.

“Initially I thought it [was booing],” said the Scot, “because there were some people booing during my practice yesterday.

“I have no idea what for, so originally that’s what I thought it was. But then after a few times it was like, no, they’re doing that 'siuuu' that Ronaldo does when he scores.”
Kyrgios strikes a pose like Ronaldo.
Adding with a smile, he commented: “Yeah, it was incredibly irritating.”

Ronaldo himself has missed the last two United games through injury, but let’s hope the ‘siuuu’ cry returns to the football stands very soon.

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The man who gave us siuuu!