Ethan Hamilton and Jose Mourinho.

Bohui and Hamilton look to grab first-team opportunity

Thursday 19 July 2018 14:40

Joshua Bohui and Ethan Hamilton are hoping to make the most of their first-team opportunity during this summer’s pre-season Tour 2018 presented by Aon.

With so many Manchester United stars reporting back late to training after the World Cup, Jose Mourinho has given several younger players the chance to work with the senior team in the United States.

Hamilton and Bohui are two of the seven Under-23 and Under-18 players the boss has selected to join him this summer and they are certainly not downplaying its importance.

The prospects with a chance to impress on tour

 Article’s Adam Marshall profiles the batch of youngsters in the travelling squad for Tour 2018.

“It’s a great opportunity for the boys, not just me, but everyone else who came out here,” striker Bohui told MUTV.

“It’s fantastic from our point of view. The hard work only starts now and continues. We have to keep pushing on because this is where we want to be. 

“It’s a great experience and a great opportunity, so we just need to stay focused and enjoy it.”

Ethan Hamilton says

"Everyone’s really focused and wants to do well. We all want to prepare properly for the season coming so we’re all pushing really hard in training."

Hamilton echoed the thoughts of his team-mate, saying: “It’s amazing. It’s a good opportunity for us all and it’s a chance for us to learn as well, so I’m really looking forward to it. The rest of the younger boys are as well.

“Everyone’s really focused and wants to do well. We all want to prepare properly for the season coming, so we’re all pushing really hard in training. Hopefully it will set us up nicely.”

The tour also gives the Reserves the chance to pick up some tips from United’s senior squad.
Joshua Bohui blending in with his new surroundings.

“The players are really sharp and that’s what they do constantly. They do everything right all the time, it’s something for us to aspire to and try to get to that level,” said Scottish midfielder Hamilton.

However, there’s one player in particular who has impressed Bohui.

“Ander Herrera!" reveals the former Brentford man. "Although he’s not in a similar position to me, I look at him and I see a hard worker and he’s also good on the ball.”