Brandon Williams signs his deal.

Williams excited to sign new Reds contract

Tuesday 04 August 2020 17:01

Brandon Williams wants to win trophies and play as many games as possible for his boyhood club after signing a new deal with Manchester United, and the young defender insists: "I love it all".

The 19-year-old spoke with Mark Sullivan to express his delight at signing a new contract until June 2024, with an option for a further year. And he revealed his hopes and ambitions for the future...

Congratulations on your new contract Brandon, how does it feel?
"It feels amazing to sign another contract with the club I’ve loved for as long as I can remember. It’s a proud moment for me and my family, and I’m just excited for the time that I can spend here now."

You’ve signed on until 2024 with the option of a further year, what does that say about the club’s and Ole’s confidence in you?
"I’d like to thank the club for having the trust in me and rewarding me with a long contract. Like I said, it’s a proud moment for me and my family and I’m just so excited."

Watch Brandon and Ole discuss the new contract.

Could you have imagined your breakthrough season would go so well? You’ve played 33 games and scored your first goal as well, it’s been a terrific debut season for you…
"Yes, from start to finish, it’s been amazing. I’ve loved every single minute and it’s just crazy how I’ve come from the Under-23s and played so many games because I didn’t expect it."

What has been the secret to your early success?
"I think hard work and dedication and not letting the stage get on top of me and think it’s too easy or I’ve made it and stuff like that. I just need to stay grounded and keep on working hard."

A lot of people have helped you on your journey to where you are now. Are there any particular people who have pushed you on?
"I think, over the years, many coaches and staff have played a part. There was Dave Bushell and Tony Whelan, who always had the confidence in me and always said that I would play here many times. It’s mostly those two who have always been there since I was younger."

You’ve had a long association with the club as a fan and a player. How special is it to be able to wear the Man United shirt and have that badge on your chest?
"I think it’s extra special. If you ask any player who plays for their boyhood club, they’ll say to you it means more. For me to be doing it now, it’s just so exciting, I love it all and I want it to last as long as possible."

What does your family make of it all?
"They’re just overwhelmed and really proud of me. They always have my back and they always push me and also make sure I stay grounded."

How excited are you for what lies ahead, not just for you, but for this young team?
"We’ve got Champions League football next season, after we came from nowhere and ended up in third place, and now we’ve got a trophy to try to win. I think you can see the work that we’re doing on the training pitch coming out now and we’re all just excited to keep on learning and improving because we know we’ve still got a long way to go."

Williams signs new deal with Reds


Brandon Williams has agreed a new contract with the club until June 2024, with the option of a further year.

It’s not just the young players you’ve got, it’s the young coaches you’ve got with Kieran and Michael and Ole leading it all. Does it feel like an exciting time to be part of this team?
"Yes they’ve all got a plan and they’re getting it across to us and we’re all following it and understanding it."

What are your personal targets and aspirations for the coming years?
"I just want to get some trophies for this club and bring back the success that this club has always had. I think it’s important to be a part of that and I just want to keep on improving and keep on working on things that need to be worked on, and play as many games as possible."

Finally, what’s your message to the fans?
"I just want to say thank you for all your support and I can’t wait to see you back at Old Trafford again."