11 quickfire questions with Bruno Fernandes!

Tuesday 10 August 2021 17:00

Bruno Fernandes is always a great interviewee, whether he’s talking about Manchester United or not.

We recently sat down with our no.18 during the training camp at St Andrews and, after a quick chat about pre-season and his hopes for the new campaign, we decided we’d throw some quickfire questions at him.

Food, music, other sport and Reds team-mates were all up for discussion - so, Bruno, what's your favourite...

“So, reggaeton and I really love fado, Portuguese fado.”

“The Oasis album from J Balvin and Bad Bunny – it’s a reggaeton one. You'll have to search!”

Bruno picks his favourites Video

Bruno picks his favourites

Portuguese delicacies, 1990s films and American actors: Bruno Fernandes is a man who knows what he likes…

“Portuguese! The one I like most is Francesinha [a type of sandwich with ham, pork, steak and cheese, covered in sauce]. Everyone who goes to Porto knows it!”

“Kevin Hart.”

“The Lion King. But the old one, not the new one with the proper actors, the old one for kids! [Laughs]”

“Portugal of course! It depends what you want but Portugal is full of beautiful places. Honestly I think Portuguese people know Portugal better now since COVID because we couldn’t fly so people started to travel around our country and find many places to go. I think a lot of English people already know the Algarve, it’s a very beautiful place to be, but also the islands of Portugal are really nice. I went to Madeira this summer and it was really nice to be there. I met a lot of English people there as I think it was on the green list.”

“I like tennis and futsal, but that’s almost the same as football!”

“Just the whole stadium. All the history in the stadium… it’s one of the most iconic stadiums in the world. The feeling to play in one of the most iconic stadiums in the world is unbelievable. I remember stepping out for my first game even for the warm-up and seeing it – it was massive and it was like I was still dreaming.”

“Home! I’m a home guy, I like to be at home.”

“I like mine but I really like the one for Anthony Martial! It’s probably my favourite. I really like mine and it should be my favourite [laughs], but the one for Anthony is really good. Our fans make the song really nice. If I had to choose then I have to say my song is better than Anthony’s, but I like his too!”

All The Angles: Fernandes v Everton Video

All The Angles: Fernandes v Everton

Watch Bruno's outrageous free-kick over and over again...

“I try to play everything you know! Most of the time it’s reggaeton or funk. The music I like the most is reggaeton so I try to have that. Rashy likes a bit more pop or R&B and I try to keep everyone happy! In the dressing room you have to do that. For David, for example, it’s really important he chooses the last song before he goes out to warm-up. Every time, about five minutes before David goes out I put a particular song on for him. It doesn’t matter if he’s playing or not, he says if I play that song we can win the game! [Smiles] So every time five minutes before the keepers go out to warm-up, the song is ready for him. He likes that music also [heavy rock]. Sometimes when he arrives in the morning and he stops the car you can hear his music! But sometimes he comes with some Spanish music, he has different types. It’s like me, I like different types, I’m open to lots of different music. David definitely loves that heavy metal rock music though! [Laughs]”


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