Bruno lifts the lid on Rivaldo debate

Wednesday 28 April 2021 10:55

In a recent fans' Q&A, Fred and Alex Telles revealed their fellow Brazilian Rivaldo was the subject of much debate with Bruno Fernandes.

When Bruno took part in his feature interview, he was asked by Oliver in the UK what this was all about and our no.18 was keen to explain a regular topic of conversation over which former Barcelona star was best - Rivaldo or Luis Figo?

For Fernandes, he says he is always going to back Portuguese players during such arguments, even if both talents had their obvious merits, and it is part of a wider chat about the top icons of the past.

Bruno with Alex Telles and Fred at the Aon Training Complex.

Rivaldo, now 49, scored 35 goals in 74 games for Brazil and was a key figure in the World Cup success in 2002, four years after losing in the final to France. He scored twice in the entertaining 3-3 draw with United at the Nou Camp in November 1998.

Figo opened the scoring when Real Madrid beat the Reds 3-1 in the Champions League in 2003. The Portuguese legend, who turns 49 in November, won the 2000 Ballon d'Or and enjoyed a stellar career with Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Internazionale.

"Oliver, so this story is basically they always talk about who is the best player in the world, in history blah blah," said Bruno. “We always fight because the say Pele was the best in the history of football and I’m talking and I put Cristiano [Ronaldo] in the middle, of course.

“For me, Cristiano and Messi, I always say, both make history for many years and they were capable of being at the top for many years. And, of course, the same as me, they have never seen Pele play so they can’t say he was the best because they never saw him.

Watch Bruno answer questions from the United supporters.

"They say it because they’re Brazilian and, in Brazil, they say it. I think Pele is one of the best in the world because I hear people talking about him and I’ve seen some history and some videos and you watch and everyone can see [Diego] Maradona, Eusebio and people talk about Pele as being the best of all time.

“But, about Rivaldo, because we talk, we always fight about Rivaldo and Figo and which one was best. Who was the worst and who was the best.

“So, for me as a Portuguese, I always defend my players. It doesn’t matter if I like them or not, I defend the Portuguese players every time.

“So this is a fight between Brazilian and Portuguese people but it is more of a joke than other stuff!”