Bruno Fernandes

What Old Trafford means to Bruno

Monday 29 August 2022 10:45

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has been describing what our beloved Old Trafford home means to him.

Our no.18 made his United debut at the stadium back in January 2020, for a 0-0 home draw with Wolves, and has since established himself as a firm fan favourite.

So, what are his favourite moments at the Theatre of Dreams? Which superstitions does he follow every time he steps out there?

Watch the video below to find out and scroll down to read the full interview...

My Old Trafford | Bruno Fernandes Video

My Old Trafford | Bruno Fernandes

My Old Trafford | Bruno Fernandes is incredibly passionate about our historic ground, as he explains here...

If someone asked you to describe Old Trafford in three words, what would they be?
“I think I have said this once: it’s impossible to describe such a big stadium like that, one of the most iconic stadiums that exists in the world. For me, as I said, ‘dream come true’ is what Old Trafford means to me.”

What were your first impressions when you came for the first time - was it for the Wolves game [in February 2020]?
“The Wolves game, yeah. Obviously when you go through the tunnel, at the start it is quiet in there, but when you start getting on to the pitch you can hear the fans, you can hear the atmosphere, you can see the full stadium. It is something that is unbelievable, the first time that I saw the fans saying my name, singing my songs. It’s something special.”

Just describe what that feeling is like when you hear the fans sing your name?
“As I said it’s something you cannot describe. It is something that you have to feel. It is something that you can’t describe, basically.”

In terms of your matchday routine, do you have any superstitions or things you like to do on a matchday before you go out and play?
“I always do the same. I like to do breakfast or lunch - depends on the time of the game. Something I always do is speak with my kids and my wife before we leave the hotel because after when I go on the bus I don’t text anyone, I don’t answer phones, so I like to be focused on the game after that and when you get to Old Trafford for me it is game on from there. That is one of the superstitions and the other one is I always enter on the pitch with the left foot [first] that is something that I always do, something that I believe that can help me in some way. Not to get a better performance but to be myself.”

Bruno's debut in 90 seconds Video

Bruno's debut in 90 seconds

Bruno Fernandes made his United debut on 1 February 2020 and, as you can see, he was shooting from the start...

And your family often sit in the stands and watch you play at Old Trafford. Is it nice to know that they are there and amongst our amazing fans and cheering you on?
“It is the best feeling for them and for myself too. For myself, having my family there is something that is amazing and something that, as you are growing up, you want to have your family there in the stands. Obviously for them seeing that atmosphere, being at big stadiums, watching such big games, hearing the crowd and everything. I had some friends here that came to some games. One of them is probably one of my longest friends that I have known for a long time and he came last season for the first game of the season. He goes to Sporting, he’s a Sporting fan too. He goes in the ultras, so when he came to the game he [thought it was] unbelievable. He saw the game against Leeds [in August 2021]. He said to me if I want to score a hat-trick again, he has to come for the next game!”
All The Angles: Fernandes v Leeds Video

All The Angles: Fernandes v Leeds

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In terms of feelings at Old Trafford, you can’t really get much better than when we score a last-minute winner. I’m not sure if you’ve scored any yourself but you have probably been on the pitch when we have scored that last-minute winner…
“I haven't scored in the last minute any goals yet but I think the one Marcus [Rashford] scored against West Ham [last season] was unbelievable, because we played really well that game but we didn’t get the goal. Then in the last minute we go through and everything was perfect, and the feeling that you have when you score in the last minute at Old Trafford… I think the fans love more to win a game at 90 minutes than have a 3-0 game.”

Is that one of the atmospheres that stands out to you most? What would you say is the best atmosphere you have experienced at Old Trafford in your time here?
“It’s difficult to say but probably Leeds, maybe because I scored my hat-trick, but I think fans have waited for a long time to have the game against Leeds, I think something like 20 years to have their fans back to the stadium [laughs]. It was the first game of the season so the stadium was buzzing and obviously I scored the three goals so probably also because of that. But City in my first season… the City one at home when we won 2-0. Anthony [Martial] and Scott [McTominay scored]. That was good, that was really good.”