Bruno Fernandes

Bruno reveals dressing room DJ secrets

Tuesday 10 August 2021 13:00

Bruno Fernandes has revealed the secrets behind being a successful dressing room DJ at Manchester United.

Earlier this summer, Mason Greenwood mentioned - as part of an in-depth fan Q&A - that Bruno often took charge of the music before matches at Old Trafford.

The 19-year-old striker said Bruno provides a big range of songs from the UK, Portugal and elsewhere, and that it works well to get him "relaxed before a game."

Now, Fernandes has given his take on the pre-match tunes, telling us there's one particular player who demands some closer attention.

"I try to play everything you know!" Bruno explains.

"Most of the time it’s reggaeton or funk. The music I like the most is reggaeton so I try to have that.

"Rashy likes a bit more pop or R&B and I try to keep everyone happy! In the dressing room you have to do that."

While Marcus Rashford gets a bit of a pop or R&B, it's David de Gea who Bruno caters for most, choosing a particular song every match just for the Spanish shot-stopper.

"For David, it’s really important he chooses the last song before he goes out to warm-up," Fernandes explains.

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David opens up on his love of music in an exclusive interview with official magazine Inside United.

"Every time, about five minutes before David goes out I put a particular song on for him.

"It doesn’t matter if he’s playing or not, he says if I play that song we can win the game! So every time five minutes before the keepers go out to warm-up, the song is ready for him. He likes that music also [heavy rock].

"Sometimes when he arrives in the morning and he stops the car you can hear his music! But sometimes he comes with some Spanish music, he has different types. It’s like me, I like different types, I’m open to lots of different music. David definitely loves that heavy metal rock music though! [Laughs]"

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