Bruno Fernandes

Have you heard about Bruno's shirt collection?

Wednesday 12 June 2024 15:22

Bruno Fernandes will be aiming to add another opponent’s shirt to his growing collection, during the upcoming European Championship.

Portugal are among the favourites to win the tournament in Germany and Roberto Martinez’s men, who won all 10 of their qualifying games, have been drawn in Group F alongside Czech Republic, Georgia and Turkey.

The meeting with Turkey takes place in Dortmund on 22 June and, whatever the result, Bruno will be making a beeline for United team-mate Altay Bayindir to swap jerseys when the final whistle sounds.

“The only word that I had with him was that I wanted to swap the shirt with him, because I always do when we play internationals, because obviously I never ask [for] the shirt [of] team-mates,” Bruno revealed to us in March.

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“Normally, when I play against someone that I fancy to have the shirt [of], that I would like to have in my collection, I will do it, but obviously when I play against friends in the internationals I always ask them b0efore that I want their shirt.”

It’s a tradition Fernandes will also be looking to continue when Portugal play Scott McTominay’s Scotland in September’s Nations League fixtures – even if our homegrown midfielder has joked he won’t reciprocate.

“I’ve already told him that I want his shirt. He said he didn’t want mine, and I said ‘I don’t mind that, I only want yours!’ But we spoke about that and we will see.

“I just want to get the best out of it because I want to win that game, and then, at the end, we can swap shirts and be friends again.”

Fernandes expanded on his shirt stock in a chat with TeamViewer Diaries and the treasure trove of jerseys at Casa Bruno is something we’d like to have a rummage through one day.

“I’ve never asked too many players, but I have many from everyone that has asked me to swap a shirt. I always swap and I always keep them and I have a collection at home,” he added.

“I asked some players in the past, but when I was, for example, in Italy, I had many players that I wanted to swap [with] but I never did, because I was a little bit afraid to ask and get a 'no'.

“But, luckily, after I played against Juventus and some of them when I was at Sporting, I could swap with them at that time. But I like to collect, because it’s probably one of the things that will stay from my career.

“I can collect some moments and some pieces that in the future I will remember and keep it with me.”

Fernandes chases Gonzalo Higuain during a Napoli v Udinese fixture in 2016.

So, what’s Bruno’s favourite shirt from his career collection?

He reveals an Andreas Iniesta strip, presumably from when Sporting Club faced Barcelona in the 2017/18 Champions League, trumps threads from other legends of the game, such as Gianluigi Buffon, Giorgio Chiellini and Gonzalo Higuain.

However, our no.8 does regret not asking Juventus icon Andrea Pirlo for his top, back when he regularly faced the great Italian as an Udinese player.

“Yeah, Pirlo was the one that I couldn’t get his shirt,” he explained.

“But I had the chance to speak with him when we had a camp in the Juventus hotel at their training ground, and he was there at the time and I could have a chat with him and speak with him for a while. It was nice to meet him as a person.

Pirlo in a Juve shirt Bruno never quite managed to get hold of.

“Obviously, I didn’t ask him for a shirt because he was the manager at the time! But he was someone that was probably one of the players that I would love to have, but I couldn’t because I was too shy to do it.

“But I got one from Buffon when I played against them when I was at Sporting, Chiellini also, Higuain. The main one for me is Iniesta, because he was the player that I looked up to, like Pirlo. They are the two players that I look at the most, and I could get his shirt.”

The World Cup winner and Barcelona great has even offered to commit his signature to the shirt, if Fernandes can meet up with him in person.

“I’ve been in touch with him because he wants to sign the shirt for me, because I asked him. He’s more than happy to.

“He asked me to send it by courier, but I said no, because I don’t get the chance to lose the shirt, because it’s a game one and everything.

“So we will find a moment where I might be in Spain or something and I can ask him to do me the favour of signing my shirt.”

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