Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why does Bruno love this moment in Moscow so much?

Sunday 24 May 2020 08:00

Bruno Fernandes has picked out the Manchester United match from history he’d like to watch back in full – and it’s one we streamed earlier this week, as part of our 'Match Rewind' series!

The Portuguese magnifico selected our 2008 Champions League final success over Chelsea, in which his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo played a major part.

Bruno, who was a budding 13-year-old learning his trade with Boavista at the time, has fond memories of the goal our former no.7 scored that night in Moscow, as well as Ronaldo’s tearful reaction at the culmination of an anxiety ridden penalty shoot-out.

Watch in full: Chelsea 1 United 1 Video

Watch in full: Chelsea 1 United 1

Did you miss our live stream of the 2008 Champions League final? Then watch all of the nerve-shredding drama here...

“I think from history I have maybe one game – the Champions League final when Cristiano scores with the header,” Bruno told us in a video call you can see in full below.

“After this, he misses a penalty, I think it’s the same one right, against Chelsea? This one. I think it was a great final and for Cristiano it was one of the best games yet, because he scored an amazing goal with a header. He doesn’t jump, he flies."

“After this, he missed the penalty, but United won the Champions League and at the end we see him crying on the ground because he won the Champions League.

“It was one of the most important games in the history of Manchester United," he added.

But what about United matches he himself has featured in? Although the 25-year-old has only made nine appearances for the club since signing in January, there have already been plenty of standout moments – and Bruno has opted for the day he opened his Reds account.

Catch up with Bruno Fernandes Video

Catch up with Bruno Fernandes

We all love Bruno’s chant, but which Red sings it to him all the time? Watch to the end of the video to find out…

“The game I would like to watch would be the game where I scored my first goal, against Watford,” Bruno added.

“I want to feel – not exactly how I would feel in the game – but I can feel the game, the atmosphere and everything when I score.

“[If I watch this] I can have the motivation to keep training and keep the focus on the return of the game [after the COVID-19 pandemic].”

Bruno’s not the only Portuguese Red who bore witness to one of our great nights, years before signing for the club.

Just last week, Nani – a man who played a key part in our penalty success in Russia – revealed that, after watching our last-gasp 1999 Champions League final win, he’d told a friend that he’d go on to play for the Reds one day.

Eight years later, that promise came true.

Nani: United move was my destiny


Why the Portuguese winger chose us over six other clubs - including two in England - when he joined in 2007.

“The game when Manchester United won 2-1 against Bayern Munich, in the final, I remember I had a situation with another friend. I think he lives in England now,” recalled Nani.

“The game was on and we ran to one café to get to watch the last minutes. I remember I said to him: ‘That’s my team. I will be in that team’.

“I remember that and, sometimes, things come out of my mouth and I don’t have an idea what I’m saying. Probably saying it, you just feel it.

“Come on, you’ve got to have a reason, but there are so many things that happened in the past that now make sense.”

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