Man Utd European Cup 1968 at Wembley

Is this the greatest match in United history?

Friday 17 February 2023 16:59

There are many contenders for the greatest match in Manchester United history, but lifelong supporter Chas Banks says there’s only one winner.

You might think it’s hard to look past 1999 and the night United completed the Treble as the greatest moment in our club’s history. 

But Manchester United Disabled Supporters Association secretary Chas Banks MBE has a different view. 

For Chas, and indeed many of his generation, the night we claimed our first European Cup, by beating Benfica 4-1 at Wembley, remains our zenith. 
Chas Banks (left) is a lifelong United supporter.
“The greatest moment? I’d say winning the European Cup in 1968,” Banks told United Review. 

“That final, that moment, with Sir Matt and everything, was just incredible. We were the first English team to do it. 

“That was astonishing and that’s stuck in my mind. I’ve seen all the European finals – the good ones and the bad ones – but I’d say that’s my best memory.” 
Chas was also at Wembley for English football’s greatest moment of all: the 1966 World Cup final triumph over West Germany. 

“My ticket was a 10-bob note!” he laughs. 

“Turnstile 43, jumping over the top... in you went. It was quite common in those days! 

“Going down on the coach, all the blokes had these wooden crates with bottles of beer in. Then they took all the empty bottles out and carried the crates in [to the stadium]... I thought: what’s that for? I ended up standing on one of these crates, with all the rivers of pee coming underneath me from behind! They were funny days, they really were.”

'We were like cowboys on a cattle drive!'


MUDSA secretary Chas Banks tells us about the excitement of following the Reds in the ’70s...

United will return to Wembley later this month for the Carabao Cup final against Newcastle United, and Chas is hoping for another memorable day in north-west London. 

But whatever the result, he remains a firm believer in the progress being made under manager Erik ten Hag. 

This feature was first published in United Review, our official matchday programme.

‘What a journey it’s been’


Buzzcocks guitarist and vocalist Steve Diggle is proud to have followed the Reds over the years, as he explains here.

“I do like this new guy,” he enthuses. “I like the way he’s taken control of the team. He’s restored the discipline; he’s restored the unity. We’re playing some really good football and I think we’re going to get better and better.” 

Though even a United victory against the Magpies later this month might struggle to dislodge Wembley ’68 from Chas’s top spot.