United Direct: Check out our Chinese New Year range

Thursday 14 January 2021 15:00

Welcome to the Year of the Ox.

The ox is hard working and will overcome obstacles, and we could all use some of that energy for the 12 months ahead, especially if they're anything like 2020!

The hotly anticipated Chinese New Year range from Manchester United and adidas is out now, and has some exciting pieces to get you through to the full moon and beyond in serious style. The collection celebrates the ox and draws in elements of the auspicious cloud to bring endless luck, because let’s face it, that’s never a bad thing.

Let’s take a look at some of the key pieces from the collection, with more launching soon.


Commemorate the Year of the Ox with a special padded jacket that will let you stay cool while keeping warm. From a distance it might look like a simple red camo print, but get closer and you’ll see the detail of the ox and auspicious cloud woven into the pattern, bringing a subtle twist on this cosy jacket.

Available now at United Direct while stocks last.


The next item in our rundown of the Chinese New Year collection from Manchester United and adidas is another celebration of the ox. Take a classic crew neck sweater, in the perfect shade of red to ward off bad luck, add in a gold ox swirled in the auspicious cloud, and don’t forget those classic three stripes to bring the design some extra street cred, and you’ve got this cool sweater that you won't want to take off.

Available now at United Direct.


If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, to throw on over a tee all year round, take a look at this black three-striped jacket. It’s a twist on the classic track jacket with a gold ox detailing on the back, swirled by the auspicious cloud to bring good fortune for the year ahead, and if you impress your mates in the meantime, then that’s just an added bonus.

Get it while you can at United Direct.


If your tee collection could do with a refresh, what could be better than the triple whammy of United and adidas branding, a classic design and celebrating the start of what is set to be an unforgettable year. This wardrobe staple offers a twist on the classic black adidas tee with nods to the intelligent and reliable animal we're respecting. It’s the kinda thing you’ll wear so much you might end up calling it your uniform.

Available now at United Direct.