Travel in style with United Direct

Thursday 18 March 2021 07:00

There are just hours to go before Manchester United take on AC Milan in the UEFA Europa League, and the team flew to Italy on Wednesday ahead of the clash.

Hopefully you're next outing isn't too far away, so let’s check out what the team wore to travel in and get some inspiration for your next trip, whether it’s to an exotic island or just your local supermarket.

Let’s start off with Mason Greenwood wearing the fully reversible travel coat. Filled with 80 per cent duck down, it’s guaranteed to keep you cosy. You can get it now with 20 per cent off until Friday 19 March, and put the savings in the piggy bank, ready to spend on visiting all the places you’ve imagined travelling to in the least year, because everyone has a list, right?

With the sunny days starting to show their face, get ahead of the curve and sort out your sunglasses game. You can’t cut corners with eye protection, so treat yourself to some fully polarized shades that will have you looking like you’ve just stepped off the beach in Hawaii, even if the furthest afield you’ve been all year is the duck pond in your local park. Check out Ole styling out his Maui Jim's here, and pick your favourite from the range at United Direct

While your most recent plane journeys might not have included the face masks worn by the team on the flight to Milan, you can still channel your inner Telles-on-a-plane with the t-shirt from the travel range; top knot optional depending on when your last haircut was. Get it now from United Direct in men’s and women’s sizing (the t-shirt, not the manbun).

Travelling doesn't always mean jetting off to warmer climates. Check out Marcus Rashford in full gloves, snood and beanie hat to keep out the cold along with the European training kit to get warmed up for the game. With the weather in Milan looking very similar to the current Manchester skyline, at least the team won’t need to acclimatise to hotter temperatures. Get the look at United Direct with the European training range.

Here’s to sunnier days, the freedom to travel and the joy of seeing live sport in person one day soon.