Everything Eriksen said in his Fans’ Q&A

Wednesday 30 November 2022 07:00

Christian Eriksen is the latest Manchester United player to have answered supporters’ quickfire questions via our Fans’ Q&A series with Melitta.

The Denmark midfielder is currently in Qatar at the World Cup with his national side and has a big Group D game coming up this afternoon against Australia (15:00 GMT). 

But before he departed for the Middle East, Christian sat down at Old Trafford as we put the best of your questions to him – and his answers were fascinating!

We learned his first footballing idols, how he’s settling into Manchester life, the job he worked before becoming a footballer and much more.

Below, you can watch the feature and see all of our no.14’s insightful answers. Enjoy!
Fans' Q&A: Christian Eriksen Video

Fans' Q&A: Christian Eriksen

Fans' Q&A | Want to get to know Christian Eriksen better? These answers provide insight from the man himself...

Who was your footballing idol growing up?
Ram, Singapore

“I had two: one was [Francesco] Totti because I played Football Manager and then after it was Laudrup, Michael Laudrup, the one and only. Just because he was Danish and I liked the style.”

Who’s the funniest in the squad?
Liam, United Kingdom 

“Funniest member? Again, I’m new so I haven’t really seen how people react outside of the club, it’s on and off but I do think… I will say Licha Martinez. He’s also new, he’s a fun one to tease!”

What is your favourite food?
Stewart, Kenya

“My favourite food is a nice pasta.”

Any in particular?

“Pasta with tomato sauce, pomodoro.” 

Who is the best midfielder you have played with?
Adam, United Kingdom

“Best with? I don’t know, it’s very different, every player has a different style, everyone has different abilities. At United, I would probably have to say Casemiro. He’s won about 20 Champions Leagues already, so it should be him!”

What's your favourite thing about being at Manchester United?
Raditya, Indonesia

“I think, first of all, to be able to play at Manchester United is something everyone would like to try and if they had that option, should definitely try it. I’ve been very happy and welcomed since I’ve arrived here. It’s a lovely place and it’s a massive club. I came here for the football and that’s also nice.”

How do you prepare yourself before a big match?
Magnus, Norway

“A big game or any game, it’s always the same, try to be mentally prepared and be in a good state, feel good to be ready to play. Get the proper food, get the proper sleep and then really focus on the game.”

If you weren’t a footballer, what would you be?
Nour, Egypt

“Luckily, I’ve been so fortunate to play football for many, many years already. When I was younger, the other job I had was working in a sports job, so I would probably be doing that, selling sneakers and clothes, I think.”

What’s your technique for free-kicks?
Harry, United Kingdom

“What’s my technique? I think you can see that when I take one. It’s difficult to explain, I have my ritual with the steps and how the ball needs to be put down. Apart from that, nothing, just kicking the ball how I’ve trained with training, and I know how it’s going to hit.”

Best goal in your whole career?
Momin, United Kingdom

“Oof. Best goal? I think there’s been a few nice ones actually, I think the best was in a friendly for Spurs against Paris [Saint-Germain].”

Favourite thing to do on a day off?
Chima, Nigeria

“Be with my family and my kids.”

Why does Eriksen wear no.14 for United?


Christian reveals the reason for his choice during his new Fans’ Q&A episode.

How have you found life in Manchester?
Jasmin, United Kingdom

“It’s been good, I’ve only been here a few months, but it already feels like I’ve been here a lot longer, which is positive. Then you know that you feel at home straight away, which me and my family have done. So, I think we are settling in, getting to know everyone, but also the football style and how people are. It’s been a nice first few months.”

Favourite country you’ve visited?
Alexander, Australia

“Oof. Favourite country to visit? Italy.”

Why did you pick the no.14 shirt?

Jamie, United States

“I didn’t pick it, my son picked it! We had a few options, a few numbers and I wrote him a list of the numbers available, and he picked number 14.”

Do you have any pets?
Magda, Poland

“No. I’m allergic to all dogs and cats, so no pets!”

Do you like any other sports?
Domenico, Italy

“Yeah, I do, I follow a bit of everything. A bit of tennis, also a bit of badminton, just because the Danish ones are good at the moment, so I’ve been watching that. At the same time, a little bit of NBA sometimes.”

Do you play any other sports or just watch?

“Tennis sometimes, I’ve played golf but then I stopped and when you stop playing golf, you only get worse. So, I haven’t played it for a long time. Most of the time, we play football a lot, so when we have a day off, it’s not often that I want to do something sporty, it’s more a relaxing day.”

Do you have a favourite film?
Danny, United Kingdom

“Yeah, there are loads of good films. I was always a big fan of Law Abiding Citizen.”