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Costa Rica fans enjoy the World Cup

#MUFCMundial: Costa Rica

Costa Rican United fan Javier Angulo may be disappointed by his country's elimination from the World Cup, but he was happy to get involved in our #MUFCMundial campaign and offer us his thoughts on which of his national-team players the Reds should sign.

Which country are you representing and why?

I represent Costa Rica because I was born there.

Which United star do you think will shine brightest during the World Cup?

I think Romelu Lukaku will shine brightest.

Romelu Lukaku celebrates a goal for Belgium.
Lukaku is currently in a race for the Golden Boot with England striker Harry Kane.

How would you sum up your feelings about the World Cup using emojis only?


Have you ever been to Old Trafford?

No, I wish! That is my biggest dream ever. Once I do, I can die in peace.

Costa Rica's goalkeeper, Keylor Navas.
Keylor Navas has been in goal for Real Madrid's last three Champions League titles.

Which player from your national team would you love to see in a United shirt?

Keylor Navas! He will fit in perfectly at United! He was close to signing once.


As the World Cup continues, we are looking for a United fan to represent each of the 32 nations competing in Russia.

If you would like to get involved, send an email to with your country in the subject line but please note, we may not be able to respond to every message we receive. Thank you.

Costa Rican United supporter Javier Angulo.

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