Diogo Dalot.

Dalot: I will give everything for this club

Wednesday 06 June 2018 14:01

After signing on the dotted line for United, Diogo Dalot spoke exclusively to MUTV about his ambitions at Manchester United.

Diogo, welcome to Manchester United. How does it feel to sign for the club?
I’m very excited for the [size and] dimension of this club and I hope to achieve great things here.

What do you already know about Manchester United and what are your expectations of this club?
I know that this is one of the best clubs in the world and it is unbelievable to be here and I hope to achieve great things.

You came through the system at Porto, another big club with great traditions, so what has that taught you?
I grew up at Porto. Porto gave me everything. Who I am today is because of what Porto gave to me and that has been most important.
Watch Dalot's first interview Video

Watch Dalot's first interview

“I will give everything to fight for this club,” vowed Diogo Dalot in his exclusive first MUTV interview.

You only made your league debut in February, but you’ve got a wealth of experience at youth level particularly, so what did it feel like to win the Under-17 European Championship?
I think that the European Championships was when I realised that I could do great things in football and, since then, I’ve been improving a lot and I hope to improve more.

How proud do you feel to be Jose Mourinho’s first Portuguese signing with United?
Yeah, it’s very good. It was very important to make this choice and I hope to help him, because I know that he will help me to improve a lot.

You’re still a teenager, but does the move show how much faith the manager has in your potential to recruit you at this early age?
Yeah, I think that age is not very important now in football. I think that if you work and you improve, I think you can handle it.
Diogo Dalot says

"I will give everything for this club, for this shirt and hopefully help the club to win. That’s the most important thing."

How would you describe yourself as a player?
Like a hard-working player, I think. I’m very instant in improving and I’m mostly a hard-working player, I think.

Can you play at left-back as well as at right-back?
Yeah, I prefer to play at right-back, but if I need to play in any position, I will play, no problem.

The Premier League will be new to you. You’ve already played at Anfield though, against Liverpool, helping to keep a clean sheet by the way, so what was the experience like and are you aware of the rivalry we’ve got with Liverpool?
Yeah, it was unbelievable, my debut in the Champions League. Just feeling the weather, the Champions League, the song of the Champions League, it was very good. 

United sign Diogo Dalot


The Reds complete the signing of defender Diogo Dalot from FC Porto.

How excited are you for the challenge of Premier League football?
I’m very excited. For me, it is one of the biggest leagues in the world and I’m excited to play there.

What are your short-term plans and ambitions and your long-term goals here at United?
Just to help the club achieve good things here and win, because this is a winning team.

The summer tour could provide you with a chance to get to know your team-mates, to play for Manchester United as well, so how much are you looking forward to it?
Very. I’m looking forward to meeting my colleagues, to meet the staff, to meet every person and to hopefully help in some way.
Do you have a message for all the Manchester United fans, watching this throughout the world?
Just expect that I will give everything for this club, for this shirt and, hopefully, help the club to win. That’s the most important thing.