Diogo Dalot on UTD Podcast

UTD Podcast: Dalot's unbelievable moment

Monday 16 March 2020 11:45

Portuguese defender Diogo Dalot is the latest current first-team player to take part in the UTD Podcast series.

The full-back sat down recently with hosts Sam Homewood and David May for a 45-minute chat which covered everything from VAR to our new signing – and Dalot’s car-sharing partner – Bruno Fernandes, in an episode you can listen to on Deezer and all your preferred podcast platforms from tomorrow (Tuesday) onwards.

Dalot, who netted his first goal for the Reds during January’s 6-0 win over Tranmere Rovers, also described how his passionate celebration was a spur-of-the-moment reaction, after spending much of his United career so far on the sidelines.

Dalot: It was a moment to be proud of Video

Dalot: It was a moment to be proud of

In his UTD Podcast, Diogo Dalot told us why scoring his first goal for the Reds meant so much to him…

“It was unbelievable. It was like a release of some frustration, as well,” said Dalot.

“It's been a tough one-and-a-half years here, because of the injuries, and it was a big fight for me since I came.

“That moment was a moment to be proud, as well, because scoring goals is always unbelievable and I didn't score for one or two years, so it was a very good moment.”

Dalot’s joy in finding the net for only the third time in professional football – and the first since an effort for Porto’s B side against Benfica B in early 2018 – was obvious to all when he turned and punched the air before being mobbed by team-mates.

“Oh, it was genuine,” Diogo added. “It was something I didn't think about.

“When you're showering before the game you imagine scoring goals and you imagine how you're going to celebrate but that moment you just don't think.”

The spontaneous celebration is something May, who netted eight times in 118 matches for the Reds, can relate to as a former defender.

“It's true. We don't score a lot of goals so when you do it's like ooh, I've scored. Total shock, yeah,” he said.

“The likes of Marcus [Rashford], they can rehearse what they want to do, because they know eventually they're going to score.

“They can go three or four games without scoring but they know they're going to score. We're thinking we might score, we might not score.

“So, when you do score, you just do that instinctive thing of whatever comes to you.”

The full Diogo Dalot episode is available on Deezer and all your favourite podcast platforms from Tuesday 17 March.

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