Casemiro will pass on his experience

Saturday 25 March 2023 09:46

Manchester United will surely miss the huge influence of Casemiro when he serves the remainder of his domestic suspension upon the resumption of the domestic programme.

The Brazil international is currently away representing his country after sitting out the first of his four-match ban in the Emirates FA Cup quarter-final victory over Fulham.

Yet this upcoming absence is still being discussed at Old Trafford, as we caught up with former striker Dion Dublin to talk about the situation. In the MUTV pundit's view, Casemiro will be using his vast experience to advise those who are covering for him on how to get the job done, starting in the key Premier League clash at Newcastle United.

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"It's going to be difficult but I just think the lads know how important these games are," Dublin told us. "Whoever takes his position, I am sure Casemiro will be chatting to him about what he expects as well because he has done it and won everything. I know the players who play in Casemiro's position - Fred has been a Brazil international for years, Scott McTominay has been a Scotland international for years, but I am still sure they will be having a word with Casemiro.

"Just what he thinks and he'll be saying listen, this is how to do it, how to play against this team. So conversations are going to be had. Yes, it's going to be a difficult void to fill but he'll be back."

In terms of Casemiro's two red cards, both dished out following VAR reviews, Dublin did have some sympathy for the South American.

"I think the Crystal Palace one, off the pitch, was a little bit weak," explained the ex-England international. "He could have got away with it because his hand just slipped. I do the think the second one, although it was not intentional and had no malice, probably deserved to be a sending off."

Dion also had experience of serving a ban on the back of two red cards, when playing under another former Red in Gordon Strachan, during their time together at Coventry City.

"I can relate to that," he admitted. "I did exactly the same thing, playing for Coventry. I think it was two yellows and then a red. It doubled up so I missed a lot of games. Gordon Strachan wasn't happy at all. I was scoring a couple of goals at the time so a lot of goals were taken out of the side. 

Ex-Reds Dion Dublin and Gordon Strachan together at Coventry City.

"So he said go and coach the kids on a Tuesday and Thursday night. And I hope it rains, he said!

"It was old school but I respected that. I went through and coached the kids, I was in and around the kids and giving them a gee-up and it was one of those where you have to do it and, discipline-wise, learn to keep your head.

"Gordon knew that it might inconvenience me, being away from my kids on the Tuesdays and Thursdays, but he knew what I was going to be giving back [and it] was massive for the players in the Academy. It worked both ways and I didn't get sent off in two consecutive games ever again!"

For the record, Dion's red cards came in successive games against Sunderland and Blackburn Rovers in early 1997 and he did not return until 22 February.

In addition to the Newcastle clash, Casemiro must also sit out United's fixtures with Brentford and Everton.