Enter Discord: A new community for fans

Wednesday 16 November 2022 13:00

Manchester United’s official Discord channel is live, and right now, hundreds of fans are chatting about the club in real-time around the world. But what is Discord? How does it work? And why will it give you more from United?

Discord is one of the most downloaded chat apps in the world, with over 250 million unique users per month. Yet, for such a huge platform, it’s still relatively new to football fans and the football space.

But our Discord isn’t like other social channels. It’s where fans can connect and engage with each other, in real-time, every day, or whenever they choose. It’s where you can talk United.

Here’s a quick guide into what Discord is and how you can start enjoying it now.

Discord is a chat app built to create communities of like-minded people, who want to connect over shared passions and enthusiasms. 

Launched in 2015, the app quickly grew traction in the gaming industry and with streamers, as it became the go-to second screen for e-sports and gamers.

Anyone can join or launch their own chat room - or ‘servers’ as they’re called within Discord - and start inviting people to chat. Fans can also use hashtags to search and find topics of interest.

Unlike other social networks, Discord prides itself on enabling a ‘safe’ place to chat - the platform allows moderators (Mods) to set verification and strict moderation tools so the community will be safe and free from trolling, abuse and online hatred.

Discord is also unique in that it is powered by its users, and that’s what we hope United’s Discord community will also be - for the fans, by the fans.

The Manchester United Discord will allow like-minded fans to chat about football, meet new friends and get ahead of the latest products, offers and deals the club are launching. 

Those who join the club’s Discord servers will also hear news about our new digital collectibles range first, with exclusive channels opening in the future for digital collectible holders. Join today so you don’t miss out.

All you need is an email address and a laptop or mobile phone. Download the app and register an email address, set up a username and click on the invite to access our servers.

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Like other social platforms, not everyone on Discord is there for a good time. There’s a high-trained network of mods operating across United’s Discord channel, ensuring things stay friendly. However, be careful who you interact with, especially if you receive a direct message (DM). 

To stay safe while using Discord it's important to remember two simple rules: 

  1. Manchester United’s Mods will never DM you – be cautious at all times. If you receive a suspicious DM: block the sender, screenshot, 📩-submit-a-ticket so a Senior Mod Can help you. 

  2. Only click on links within the 🔗-official-links channel. Never use any other links, especially those sent via DMs.

Roles are an effective way of ensuring social community guidelines are met. While we will always encourage conversation between fans - it will be possible for those with “Role” access to keep discussion friendly and respectful when called upon. Role access also grants permission to create text, voice, and video channels.

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There are three types of chat function on Discord:


This is the most traditional and used type of chat. Each Discord server can have multiple text channel, which enables fans to ask and answer questions, share short reactions and long opinions, and ultimately make conversation without the requirement of using a microphone. While there is a ‘General’ chat channel for all conversation, it will be possible to create specific channels for all types of club topics - such as post-match reaction, new transfer signings and real-time matchday commentary.


This is quickly becoming the most popular type of chat. A voice call can be activated by right-clicking on a friend’s name and choosing the option ‘call.’ Your friend will receive a call notification, and you can talk together, for free, for an unlimited amount of time. Headphones and a microphone will be required to make the call. Servers also have voice channels. This will allow groups of fans to join together in one room and talk at the same time. Fans across the world to can connect and speak with new voices.

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This is the most personal and interactive type of chat. Like voice call, a video call can be started when selecting a friend to ‘call’ and you have some form of camera equipment plugged into your device. 

Servers can also host group video calls, with a maximum of 25 people at one time. Fans will be able to join a video call and turn their camera off at any moment, reverting back to a voice call. This will allow fans to meet new faces and express their opinion with personality.

Click here to join our Discord. We hope you enjoy the experience!