Daniel James.

Does James have the most nicknames?

Wednesday 11 August 2021 15:50

Daniel James has quite a lot of nicknames - in fact, probably the most at Manchester United.

The Wales international answers to a lot of names around Carrington and revealed all during our latest fans' Q&A session when asked what he is most commonly known as.

Inevitably, his searing pace is behind a couple of the monikers and, despite his mother's preference, not many people are likely to call him 'Daniel', with manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer always using 'Dan'.

However, what is James's personal thought on the matter?

Responding to a question from Mark Best in the United Kingdom, James said: "Thanks for your question, Mark. I get called a lot of different names. My Mum would definitely say it's Daniel but people call me DJ, 'Jamo', 'Speedy Gonzalez', 'Flash'.

“Yeah, I get called a lot, but I'd probably say Daniel [is my preference]."

One man who might run Daniel close when it comes to nicknames is probably his pal Scott McTominay.

During another of our fans' Q&A exclusives, the Scotland international told us: "I don’t know, as Luke Shaw always says ‘The Gym Man’ because I’m always in the gym. But he always walks in when I’m in the gym so that’s just a coincidence there. Other than that, Deano has got a few nicknames for me that are not really applicable and vice-versa for him.

“So, yeah, just Scotty. To be fair, all the coaches and all the players call me Scotty. Eric calls me 'McTerminator' and he enjoys that one.”

Look out for the full interview with Daniel dropping soon.