One Love: What to expect from Episode One

Friday 08 September 2023 14:00

The first episode of Manchester United's new original series, One Love, will be released at 16:00 BST on Saturday.

The series covers United's vast and diverse fan base, focusing on those who are at the heart of the club.

Episode One, 'Trailblazers', focuses on Manchester United Women Supporters Club who, like the team they passionately follow, formed in 2018.

They have been cheering us on ever since and their commitment knows no bounds. From the euphoria of winning the Championship title to the agony of being narrowly defeated in last season's historic FA Cup final, our supporters have seen it all.

Introducing: Isabelle Gavin Video

Introducing: Isabelle Gavin

One Love: Trailblazers | If you've been to a United Women match, you probably know of Isabelle Gavin...

In the episode, we follow Isabelle Gavin, a prominent MUWSC member. If you've ever been to Leigh Sports Village to watch our women's side, you've probably spotted - or heard - her! 

"If you can't see it, why would you want to be it?" she said, speaking about the impact our United Women have on the next generation of aspiring players.

"If I can see women playing football and know that there is a career out of it that you can be what you see, it inspires you more."

In order to get to matches up and down the country, our fans must make certain sacrifices. Whether it be matches at Leigh Sports Village, Old Trafford or even down in London, as shown in the episode, United Women fans back the Reds in strong numbers.

"People feel closer and more connected to the players and to the personnel that are involved within the team and the squad," said Deborah Henry, chair of MUWSC.

"Maybe [they] feel invested in a different way from the men's fanbase."

Training highlights: Pre-season prep continues Video

Training highlights: Pre-season prep continues

Training highlights | This footage from Tuesday's session in Herzo shows United Women working up a sweat...

Our cameras take you on the journey to Wembley in May 2023, when United Women reached our first-ever Women's FA Cup final.

From the coach journey to within the stands, go behind the scenes on a rollercoaster day of emotions and pride, as our women's side once more contributed to the trail that is being blazed for the future of the sport.

"At the end of the day, women's football is on the increase," said Reds fan Jane Croft. "Everyone is suddenly sitting up and taking notice."

Watch the first episode of our One Love series, 'Trailblazers', across our channels from 16:00 BST on Saturday 9 September.


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