Ten Hag's verdict on victory at Fulham

Sunday 13 November 2022 19:30

Erik ten Hag was naturally pleased to sign off for the World Cup break with three precious Premier League points but the manager insists there is still work to do as he continues to build the 'new' Manchester United.

Here are the main comments from the manager's post-match interview with MUTV following his team's dramatic 2-1 triumph over Fulham at Craven Cottage...


“It’s good and I think we came from far this season with the fans, with this team, with this club, the togetherness – now it’s back and we have to keep that. We have to invest in both sides, the fans and the players together, to [build] a new United. We have to make a new history.”


“I think so, from the result definitely, but also the process. You have to analyse the process and then you see we are improving in a lot of skills during this first half of the season so far. But also realise we are not there, where we want to be, and that we have to invest even more and we have to work even more. Everyone as an individual, but especially also as a team and if we do that we can achieve the ambitions we have.”
Ten Hag: Garnacho brings end product Video

Ten Hag: Garnacho brings end product

Erik praises Garnacho and Eriksen, and loves the way we stayed composed in the build-up to our winner...


“That is a point of improvement, you have to kill the game when the moment is there and in the first half we created three, four big chances. To be fair they had also one or two good chances, so the difference has to be two goals, so 3-1 was a fair result at half-time. Then straightaway after half-time if you create another big chance, with [Anthony] Elanga, with the rebound from Marcus Rashford, then you have to finish the game and we didn’t and then they came back. Then you see games can change with small moments and that happened tonight. It was also a mistake we make, it cannot be that the right side is that open. But the good thing is we show in the end the resilience and have the spirit to get the win.”


“I like good football, I like good footballers and he is one who can entertain, but in the end, it is about end product and that is what he brings into the team. He had some good dribbles, maybe already a penalty moment, but in the end, he kept going. Great pass from Christian Eriksen, great build-up from the whole team, because it was really composed, how we played that. But the assist and the finish from Garnacho are really brilliant.”


“I think the whole build-up structure to the attack was composed and was really great. Especially when you are in that stage of the game and most of the time you see teams getting into a rush, making mistakes, but we stayed composed and we built up from the back over that left side and we finalised and won the game and that is a great feeling.”


“Yes, of course, you have to take time when it is there and we will do. Also to know that from [19 or 20] December we continue until May and that is a long way, but also we have work to do. We have to analyse, but especially making plans, strategies how we continue.”