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Sir Alex Ferguson walking on to the pitch at Old Trafford in his final home match as Manchester United manager

You're in our thoughts, Sir Alex Ferguson

Every single one of us loves Alex Ferguson.

So goes the song that has boomed around Old Trafford for a number of years and everywhere that Sir Alex took his Manchester United side towards the enjoyable end of his glorious reign as manager.

Never have those words been more fitting than in the wake of the dreadful news that he is in hospital recovering from brain surgery. It is surely true of every United supporter, all of us whom have had our lives so greatly enriched by the drama, success and absolute theatre he brought to the club.

Statement regarding Sir Alex article

The club has released a statement regarding the health of Sir Alex Ferguson.

The overwhelming response from the wider footballing world, even from rival clubs and fans, only further illustrates the respect and awe which he engenders given his contribution to football. Not just in this country but far, far beyond. He has even managed to earn kudos for his managerial skills in a wider sphere, not least in the United States.

Sir Alex will know the impact he has made is treasured; after all, he has a stand and street named after him near the ground in addition to an imposing statue. He was virtually omnipresent at Manchester United during his tenure, something I learned when joining the club. His influence stretched to every element of this club and you could even just sense when he was in the building at the Aon Training Complex.
He was the boss. No question about that, as he would often say in his media interviews. Others will no doubt share similar stories but, for me, speaking to Sir Alex has been the highlight of my professional life. Discussing all manner of matters, including the 2012 Olympics that had just been staged in England, in such a conversational and private way in his office was not work. It was an absolute thrill.

Although you could count the number of scheduled interviews I've had with him on one hand, he has always acknowledged me since at games – after such highs as victories in the FA Cup final and lows as the Champions League defeat in Wolfsburg. Just a smile, a nod or a wink but the personal touch that made me feel 10 feet tall. This is the capacity he has to make everybody feel special and part of this wonderful club. In it together.

Reds rally around Sir Alex article

A host of current and former United players have sent messages in support of Sir Alex Ferguson.

When we learned of his retirement announcement being prepared, the hollow feeling took some time to subside but it was an inevitable development. And how he had earned the right to take a step away from the pressure-cooker atmosphere and enjoy himself. The fact he keeps coming to games shows his passion for United has not diminished and I could never understand those who criticised this for putting additional strain on his successors. United are part of his life so why should he walk away completely? How could he? It was the same for Sir Matt Busby.

The last time we saw him was to make the presentation of a vase to Arsene Wenger before kick-off in the Arsenal match and his warmth towards his one-time adversary was genuine and touching. It must have struck a chord with those who watched every kick of those great battles and appreciates it was football at its very best. Passionate, emotional and a burning desire to win at all costs. A sentence that could be used to describe Sir Alex's character.
That is not even scratching the surface of the qualities of this great man, though, who has many facets to his personality. Too many to list here. One of his many traits is his strength and that must be an attribute he will require, above all else, at this time more than any other. If it possible to benefit from millions of people sending prayers, good wishes and positive energy, then that can only aid Sir Alex.

Our thoughts are with him and his family because, as we chant and will probably forever declare, every single one of us loves Alex Ferguson.

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