Michael Carrick

Every word from Carrick's press conference

Wednesday 01 December 2021 14:04

Michael Carrick met with the media on Wednesday afternoon ahead of Manchester United’s Premier League game against Arsenal.

Our caretaker boss, who will take charge of the team again during Thursday’s match while the club awaits the official arrival of recently appointed interim manager Ralf Rangnick, fielded questions from journalists in the build-up to the visit of the Gunners. 

Via video link, Michael was asked about the highly respected German coach, what he has learned about himself over the last week or so, as well as the performances of Fred in our recent outings against Chelsea and Villarreal. 

Scroll down to see what the 40-year-old had to say on each of those topics, along with every other word from his pre-match press conference…

United v Arsenal: Carrick's press conference Video

United v Arsenal: Carrick's press conference

See how Michael answers questions on his caretaker role, Ralf Rangnick, Cristiano Ronaldo and more...

Hi Michael, I just wondered what have you learned about yourself in the last 10 days or so and what are you hoping to learn from Ralf Rangnick?
"Good question. I think obviously a lot has happened in the last week or 10 days and I've had to certainly adapt and take on a new challenge and some skillsets maybe out of my comfort zone that I've never had to tackle before. I've enjoyed seeing how I've coped with that at times. You don't know until you're in that situation and you have to learn on the job. I can say, for the most part, I've enjoyed it."

Just in terms of Ralf Rangnick, we're expecting he could be in the stands at Old Trafford tomorrow night. What's the latest from your perspective?
"I haven't really got anything to update you on, other than the process of getting the work permit visa is ongoing and coming through now as we speak. I'm in the position I was for Villarreal and Chelsea, getting the boys ready for the game tomorrow night."
Michael, have you spoken to Ralf at all?
No, it's pretty much as it was with the both games we've been to. Because of the process and the work permit, we haven't been able to, so we've carried on as we have done. It's worked well for the last two games and hopefully it will as well tomorrow."

Obviously at the weekend, you made big decisions about [Cristiano] Ronaldo, I just wondered what that responsibility is like for you knowing that the guy who is coming in is around?
"I think those type of decisions get blown up really, I think a lot are. When you're inside it, the team or the club, decisions are made for a lot of different reasons. Of course, certain ones get bigger news than others but that's how it was. I didn't see anything to make a decision, it certainly wasn't within the camp or the group. We all got on really well, the game went well to an extent as well, and it wasn't a drama at all."

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You talk about Ralf coming in and you're willing to learn new things. I think you said seven days ago or something, that you had your own philosophy and your own ideas. Are you willing to learn moving forward under Ralf's coaching?
"I think you always have your own ideas, whether it be a player, certainly players have got their own ideas, as a coach, a manager or whatever it may be. As an individual, there's certain things you prefer or certain things that come natural to you. I'm always prepared to learn, I've obviously learned an awful lot over the last week. I've learnt on the job, if you like, but as a back-up I've seen what goes on close hand over recent years. So, it was a bit of a step but maybe not as much as people think.”

Can I ask you about Fred? He's had a couple of decent games when you've been in charge - has his role changed? And what's your relationship like with him? You've obviously been coaching with him, you know that position very well. What does he bring? Where can he improve? He's first-choice central midfielder for Brazil, how do you see his game at the moment?
"I think that gets overlooked, like you say, first choice for Brazil in a good Brazil team. It shows how far Fred has came really since he come to the club and how much he's improved. I really like him. For me, one of the biggest things people don’t see is his attitude and his desire to be a team player and he’s desperate put himself out there in the big games. He twisted his ankle against Villarreal in the first half, I’ve seen a lot of players come off but to come out in the second half when it was stiff and swollen and sore, it’s not always easy to carry on. But he got through that and bounced into the game and there was no way he was going to miss the next game. The mentality is infectious and I’m all for that. He's improved an awful lot, he brings a great energy to the team. He's played a little bit higher up the pitch in the last few games maybe than before because we've tweaked a couple of things for both games and he’s done ever so well with that. Especially with Cristiano’s goal at Villarreal, it epitomises that and he nearly got one the other night when he’s intercepted it from [Edouard] Mendy late on and nearly scored. He gives an awful lot to the team, and I like him an awful lot.”